Why the US can launch a nuclear strike on Ukraine, political scientist explained

Western countries are trying to present Russia’s position in such a way that Moscow is already ready to use nuclear weapons. Washington even prepared “retaliatory measures” and announced that US nuclear forces were on alert. The political scientist said Rostislav Ischenko.

In his opinion, the West adheres to a certain goal, with the help of which it will be possible to accuse Russia of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine and get some dividends for it.

Ishchenko is convinced that Washington intends to expel Moscow from the UN Security Council and make the organization a “pocket toy” of the State Department. For the sake of this, the United States can carry out a serious operation with the subsequent accusation of the Russian Federation.

The political scientist does not exclude that in Kyiv, Kharkov, Lvov or Odessa, nuclear strike small power. After that, the West will immediately declare that this was done by the Russian army, and will submit this issue to the Security Council for consideration.

“Based on the accusation of inflicting an unprovoked nuclear strike on a peaceful city, the United States proposes that Moscow agree to the proposed reform, otherwise threatening exclusion from the UN. <...> Dividends in the form of establishing control over the UN are obvious, a retaliatory strike is extremely difficult, once again increased, and American politicians are not afraid of reproaches of a sick conscience,” Ishchenko reflects in an article for Voyennoye delo.

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