Why the “rugby player number 11” who witnessed the beating was never charged and testifies on Monday at the trial

The place of the young man from Zárate in the sketch of the PFA.
The place of the young man from Zárate in the sketch of the PFA.

Yesterday, The four PFA experts who complicated Luciano Pertossi and revealed their possible participation in the beating that killed Fernando Báez Sosa presented a complete sketch from the moment of the attack. The diagram located each one of those accused today, in addition to the dismissed Alejo Milanesi, around Fernando’s body while he was kicked to death in the skull.

The diagram also contained a figure with a name that had not been heard of in the case narrative for a long time: It is TIC, a young resident of Zárate, just like the rugbiers, who was 17 years and 7 months old at the time. The adolescent knew the defendants from his city, he shared outings in Villa Gesell with them, but he did not stay in the same house.

In the sketch, which illustrates this note. TIC -whose name is withheld in this note since he was a minor at the time of the crime- is behind Ciro, Lucas and Luciano Pertossi, two meters from Fernando. He literally saw the beating. He was also in the bowling alley with them. Not only that: then he met at McDonald’s in Villa Gesell with Blas Cinalli, Máximo Thomsen and Lucas Pertossi. He walked with Benicelli, Thomsen and others after the crime, he was caught on camera.

His name was known from the beginning in the plot. He was presented by the media as a mystery in the file, a possible dubious figure, “rugby player number 11″, it was called. Strictly speaking, he appears mentioned 46 times in the trial of the case, where he is called “subject 10”.

Nevertheless, TIC was never charged.

This Monday, the young man from Zárate must appear in Court No. 1 of Dolores as a witness summoned by the defense, by Hugo Tomei. What you say can be revealing, or at least interesting.

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Video: the sequence of the homicide witnessed by TIC

Unlike Juan Guarino and Alejo Milanesi, dismissed in the file, TIC was never even arrested. “Guarino and Milanesi were suspected because they had various injuries”assures today a high source of the file: “In fact, TIC was standing around like hundreds of boys who saw the scene, doing nothing.”

Prosecutor Verónica Zamboni wrote in its elevation to trial of the case:

“I emphasize that although the video and comparative facial analysis tests have been able to establish the presence of another individual in the vicinity of the scene, at the time Fernando was killed, subject identified as TIC and who was taken by the cameras of “Le Brique” Leaving the place minutes later than those charged, through the public cameras located on the corner of the scene, and also through the private cameras of McDonald’s, I understand that there are no elements or indications that allow him to be located at the direct scene of the attack on Ferdinand,” he said.

“I think their situation is not different from that of Guarino and Milanesi. It has been possible to prove that he knew the defendants (even appearing in their telephone records), that he was with them in the dance hall, and that He was there, in the area, when Fernando was attacked, but this is not enough to affirm that he had some criminal participation in the event, at least with the elements collected during the entire investigation. Well, the filming that allows you to view it on the sidewalk located in front of the dance venue, records it only observing what was happening, ”he continued.

The complaint in the case also did not formally request his accusation. Zamboni, for his part, reserved the chance to call him for additional instruction. Now, testify for the defence.

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