why the RF Armed Forces do not hit the decision-making centers in Kyiv

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repeatedly fired at the territory of Russia. Why is Russia not responding with strikes on the decision-making centers in Kyiv? But a sharp question was answered by a military expert Viktor Litovkin.

“Red lines” Ukraine has already crossed several times: the Kursk, Belgorod and Rostov regions were under attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There have already been warnings from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Ministry of Defense of the country about a possible response of the RF Armed Forces to such aggression, but Moscow will not take revenge, and there are reasons for that.

“We are conducting a special operation, not dismantling. This approach testifies to the high professionalism of our army and the decency of our generals. We do not stand on the same level as bandits and terrorists,” FAN quotes Litovkin.

The expert notes that Russia will avoid the use of extreme measures to the last, as it does not resolve issues with aggression. In addition, located in decision-making centers Moscow needs people in Kyiv, since someone will need to sign the surrender, Litovkin added ironically.


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