Why the doctors did not save Yuri Shatunov

Cardiologist Alexander Sharandak believes that alcohol could not provoke a heart attack in Yuri Shatunov

Cardiologist Alexander Sharandak believes that alcohol could not provoke a heart attack in Yuri Shatunov

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Seemed ageless Yuriy Shatunov for a long time he will sing about gray night and white roses: for the last 30 years the artist seemed to have “frozen” – at concerts he was still energetic, young and full of energy. Fans still cannot believe that the 48-year-old soloist of “Tender May” suddenly disappeared.

But for doctors heart attack in full bloom – common story.

– Often people with a sick heart live and suffer up to 90 years, and those who did not complain about anything suddenly die suddenly, – told cardiologist Alexander Sharandak. – An extensive heart attack can happen without any visible prerequisites. So it happens: coronary heart disease is sometimes asymptomatic. But Shatunov hardly had chronic heart failure, which they are now writing about: I saw him, he does not look like such patients.

According to doctors, the cause of death of the soloist of “Tender May” was acute transmural myocardial infarction.

– This is a very large penetrating infarction that goes through the entire wall. As a rule, such things happen when a large artery is blocked and clogged with a blood clot, the cardiologist explained. – In this case, it is extremely difficult to save a person: every minute is worth its weight in gold. The sooner the patient is taken to the hospital, the better. The well-known “golden hour rule” applies here, when resuscitation should begin within the first 60 minutes. Moreover, such assistance is provided only in the hospital. In the ambulance there is no special medical equipment for patients with a heart attack – neither here, nor in Europe, nor in America. I think Yuri Shatunov was just very unlucky. This is an acute coronary death: it is almost impossible to save.

But the alcohol that the artist consumed at dinner, according to the doctor, could not provoke a deterioration.

– Beer with crayfish could not lead to a heart attack. But judging by this menu, the artist did not particularly monitor his health, – said Alexander Sharandak.



As it turned out, the resuscitation assistance much needed by the artist was not provided at all in the first hour. By the time Yuri Shatunov was brought to the hospital, where there is the necessary equipment, he had been in serious condition for about 12 hours. Before the star of the nineties was brought by ambulance to the Domodedovo hospital, he managed to visit a rural clinic, where assistants took him in a personal car.

– The artist was brought to us at about 23:30 in a very bad condition – he was literally dragged, – Andrey Osipov, the head physician of the Domodedovo hospital, where Shatunov died, told – The patient was received by a duty team of five people: cardiologists, resuscitators, neurologists. For about an hour and a half, they tried to revive Yuri Shatunov. But it was no longer possible to save him, since this is a case of a massive heart attack that arose a few hours ago. By the time he arrived at the hospital, the artist had been in this state for more than half a day. Unfortunately, this is a common story: the patient applied late, when it got really bad. Probably, he did not want to go to the hospital – this moment was not explained to us in any way.


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