Why pills are not the solution to sleeping problems

Sleeping pills can be taken once in a while but they should not be a definitive or sustained solution over time
Sleeping pills can be taken once in a while but they should not be a definitive or sustained solution over time

The maelstrom of daily life many times can worry and it’s normal to feel burden either discomfort. However, when you’re sensations they hold on to weatherthe problems personal and the areas in which we manage can affect in our organism. In this framework, one of the disorders most frequent and well-known is the insomniacharacterized by the lack of sleep and of break repairman. To combat this problem in its most serious manifestations, it is usual to resort to prescription pills by a professional, although this is far from being a ultimate cure that can be perpetrated in our lives.

“The pills They are a bandage, not a cure. It’s like taking medicine for a fever every day without knowing what’s really causing it. The depressionlack of exercise, stress runaway and a hundred other major or minor health problems could be causing either contributing to sleep problems. When you attack that problem with pills, you don’t really do anything to solve it, ”he told the English magazine Time the doctor Phyllis Zeeeprofessor of neurology and sleep medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Still, medical professionals make it clear that taking a sleeping pill for a short period of time -which can be one or two weeks-, or consume it once in a while, it does not have to generate drawbacks. The truly concern is when we go to these drugs periodically because otherwise we cannot rest.

Almost 40% of the Argentine adult population has insomnia
Almost 40% of the Argentine adult population has insomnia

According to data from the Ineco Foundationbetween a 30% and a 40% of the population adult of Argentina suffers from insomnia. The impact of this problem are varied and can profoundly affect our daily lives with, for example, changes in the moodirritability, decreased performance and more likely to accidents.

One of the factors that can influence the quality of sleep is the anxiety. As he had explained to Infobae the doctor Paul Lopez (MN 36163), psychologist and sleep specialist at INECO, “anxiety is a adaptive response before him danger. That is why physiological changes appear, such as an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, feeling dizzy, or sweating. this turns pathological when the intensity flares up too much or if it persists longer than expected. Anxiety and sleep disorders are different but can be presented together: pathological anxiety predisposes to poor sleep and poor sleep predisposes to anxiety”.

Thus, in relation to anxiety and rest, the anxiolytics They are usually a very frequent way to combat them, but it is not a recommended habit. “The anxiolytic is a drug that is used for anxiety, it is a depressor of Central Nervous System, It is not medication for sleeping. Many people use them to sleep and that is a mistake. They are not good for falling asleep. It may be that if you take a pill once, you fall asleep more easily, but it is buying a mortgage in the future and it is not a convenient action ”, he had described before Infobae the doctor Daniel Lopez Rosetti (MN 62540).

Anxiety can predispose us to sleep poorly
Anxiety can predispose us to sleep poorly

Taking into account the above, avoid sustained consumption of sleeping pills must be an imperative so that sleep problems are solved in depth and so that our body does not depend of one drug for rest. In this sense, a very widespread suggestion in medicine has to do with the cognitive behavioral therapy. The experts from Mayo Clinic They describe her as “a structured program that helps you identify replace the thoughts and behaviors that cause or worsen sleep problems by other habits that promote deep rest. Unlike sleeping pills, this therapy helps live through the causes of background of these paintings.

Secondly, from the English clinic they recommend that this therapy should be “the first treatment suggested by a doctor, as it can help control or remove negative thoughts and worries that keep the patient awake”.

In conclusion, specialists consider that using medication is the last resourceand should be primarily intended for those who suffer from insomnia chronic. For the rest, it is essential to focus on habits and thoughts everyday that can influence the quality of sleep. In relation to the latter, the environment in which we go to bed can play a key role. Why? Because according to Dr. López “it generates changes in our body that can predispose us to sleep better. An example? The noise and the temperature pleasant of the room or that the mattress be quality. Everything we do and environments we’re in somehow change our nervous system.”

Drinking little liquid before bed is one of the tips for a good rest (Gettyimages)
Drinking little liquid before bed is one of the tips for a good rest (Gettyimages)

Respect the timetables.

You have to get your brain, your brain, used to sleeping at a certain fixed time. I mean, I always go to bed at 11 and get up at that time. That, to the clock, does him good.

light meals

Avoid eating two hours before going to bed. Why? “Because if the stomach is full, more blood is sent there and the brain works less, works worse, to put it simply. Meals should be, at night, light”, expressed in a recent note Dr. Daniel López Rosseti “Light is not that the dish is light, it is that it has little fat. Easily digestible foods. Fruits, vegetables, salads, chicken, pumpkin, something that does not have fat. If not, heavy and slow digestion, it does not help sleep, ”he added.

drink too little fluid

Why? Because people fill up with liquid and then go to the bathroom at night. And you know what? When the bladder begins to fill and you wake up at half past three in the morning to go to the bathroom, you didn’t wake up at half past three, you woke up at three. Because the bladder already sends information to the brain and you wake up little by little and sleep is no longer good. And then he has to go back to sleep, it takes over an hour. Little liquid at night.

avoid stimulants

Cola drinks, dark drinks, coffee, mate, common tea, chocolate and cigarettes. They are all stimulating.


At night, it is not usually convenient to do intense physical activity. Be careful, whoever does it good… What I say doesn’t matter, I give general rules. But for many people who don’t sleep well, exercising at night raises the amount of adrenaline and then they are very activated and have trouble sleeping.


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