Why NATO uses Ukraine as a mistress, but will never accept it into the alliance

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg relatively clearly defined the solidarity position of all members of the alliance

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg relatively clearly defined the solidarity position of all members of the alliance


In NATO, which has been actively pushing Ukraine to join its ranks all these years, after Zelensky signed an application for accelerated admission to this organization, confusion began.

Some member states of the alliance demand almost immediate admission of Ukraine to NATO, others oppose both the violation of formal norms of statutory documents and procedures, and the rejection of attempts to further escalate in Europe against the backdrop of ongoing conflicts not only in Ukraine itself.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg relatively clearly defined the solidarity position of all members of the alliance, saying that “NATO is not a party to the conflict, but only provides support to Ukraine.” But the responsibility for the immediate entry of Ukraine into the Western military alliance, knowing that there is no solidarity in the ranks of NATO, shifted to three dozen governments at once. “Membership Decision [Украины в НАТО]of course, must be taken by all 30 allies, and we make such decisions by consensus,” he said.

An even clearer point of view was expressed by the Permanent Representative of Germany to NATO, Rüdiger Koenig: “Ukraine is not a member of NATO. Therefore, there are no collective obligations that would mean that we will all together help Ukraine defend itself. In no case do we want NATO to take an active part in this war,” he replied to Kyiv’s requests for non-stop assistance

The head of the Russian Center for the Study of Social Applied Problems commented on the anarchy and discord that reigned in NATO on the radio “KP” Alexander Zhilin:

– NATO is not the CSTO, but an organization that is highly formalized. Therefore, even Stoltenberg, in his harsh speech, did not speak on behalf of even the entire NATO, but, as it were, outlined only a common position – nothing more. So it is absolutely not worth it to be led by these statements. Because today, in the conditions of confrontation, in the conditions of the reformatting of the world order, in the conditions of what is happening in Ukraine, the statements of officials are legends to cover up the processes that are really taking place.

I see a slightly different process. Namely: Canada declares that it supports Ukraine’s membership in NATO and 9 states have declared this. I do not exclude the option that the time will come in a month or two, when Stoltenberg will come out and say – you know, the situation has changed here, look, the initiative from below, we have nothing to do with it, the initiative from below, we need to decide something …

The fact that Ukraine will be accepted into NATO is almost out of the question at the moment. And they don’t need it. Since the formal side does not interest them at all. NATO is present in Ukraine. Today, the Russian army is opposed by international weapons: look at what the armed forces of Ukraine are fighting with, these are all supplies from different NATO countries. And now from the point of view of the logic of the interests of the West. Weapons from them, planners from them, instructors from them, but they do not fight and do not bear any responsibility under international law. An ideal situation for the Anglo-Saxons. After all, they’ve been doing this all their lives. Wherever they go. To Africa – two clans determine, play off, support one or the other on the sidelines, smoke bamboo and achieve their goals. All. Nothing new. Today, in fact, Ukraine is a resource, the most powerful resource, including in the interests of the North Atlantic Alliance.

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