Why IT specialists will not be involved in mobilization, the expert explained

After the start of a military special operation in Ukraine, many IT specialists left the country, as a result of which Russia had problems maintaining servers and software. However, after some time, most of them returned to their homeland.

In order to avoid panic among specialists and prevent the flight from Russia, the Ministry of Defense decided not to involve programmers in partial mobilization. This was announced by a military expert, historian, director of the Air Defense Museum Yuri Knutovcommenting Pravda.Ru department statement.

If Russia does not have good specialists, then the inhabitants of the country will be without money, and then chaos will begin, Knutov believes.

“Without IT people from key companies, communication will immediately fall, television will stop working, phones will fall silent. I think that this was an appeal to the government of large IT companies, and the Ministry of Defense went forward, given the negative experience of six months ago,” the expert specified.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided not to recruit Russians for military service as part of the partial mobilization of certain specialtiesto ensure the operation of high-tech industries and the Russian financial system.

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