Why is the West creating a center to combat arms smuggling in Moldova?

The problem of “reverse traffic” supplied to Ukraine weapons are increasingly putting pressure on the political elites of the West.

To eliminate the problem, it was decided to create a specialized “security hub” on the borders of the European Union. RT.

The EC structures have already begun placing tenders for the supply of equipment for the Moldovan Border Police. Not without the US State Department, of course.

For a long time, the Western curators of Kyiv were “embarrassed” to admit the extremely inconvenient for them facts of the spread of weapons to neighboring countries from Ukraine. The channels for transporting even heavy weapons across the border are well developed, the newspaper writes. For money you can even buy American Javelins or Panzerfaust (Germany).

“Through this new hub, we will fight the threats of illegal traffic in firearms and people, smuggling of migrants and drugs, as well as cyber threats,” said the European Commissioner for Home Affairs. Ylva Johansson.

However, not all so simple.

“Relevant European experts and law enforcement officers are already sounding the alarm. Moldova has been a window for smugglers for almost all post-Soviet years. And it is clear that smuggling is one of the important parts of the income of the poorest country in Europe,” said the head of the International Institute of Newest States Alexey Martynov.

The illegal transportation of weapons from Ukraine back to Europe cannot be organized bypassing the beneficiaries inside Chisinau itself, the analyst is convinced.

“The geographical position of Moldova – the proximity of Odessa, the Dniester Liman, as well as the factor of Transnistria – makes this illegal transport hub almost an ideal point of application for the forces of smugglers,” the expert summed up.

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