Why do people cheat on each other, psychologist explained

social psychologist Alexey Roschin explained why partners in a relationship cheat on each other. According to him, this behavior is primarily due to genetics.

In an interview with URA.RU, the specialist noted that anthropologically both sexes are not monogamous. As the psychologist explained, nature made it so that men and women could copulate with different partners.

“From the point of view of evolution, it turns out that betrayal is programmed,” Roshchin said.

The expert is convinced that the main reason for cheating is genetic settingsaimed at procreation and ensuring good living conditions.

He added that the meaning of cheating, as a rule, lies in new experiences and finding a more successful partner. The psychologist stressed that people are trying to “attach their genes” in the best hands, to provide the best living conditions for the offspring. All these requests are dictated not by the person himself, but by his instincts and genetics, Roshchin pointed out.

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