Why are the US destroying the European economy?

The United States creates, introduces and applies sanctions against Russia, which raise energy prices in Europe and thereby force European corporations to move to America, thus strengthening their own economy.

This conclusion was made by an investigator from Global Research Eric Zuesse.

AT article “How America Crushes Europe”, published on the portal, he notes that European business, deprived of “cheap energy supplies that Russia supplied” and unable to sell their goods to Europeans, whose purchasing power has decreased significantly due to increased bills for light and heat, is forced to “flight” to America, where “taxes, safety and environmental regulations, and workers’ rights are much lower, and therefore profits will be much higher.”

To support his conclusions, Zuesse cites a September 25 report from the German business daily Handlelsblatt:

“Numerous German companies are planning to open or expand their presence in the US. … US states such as Virginia, Georgia and Oklahoma are showing a growing interest in providing these firms with special incentives to relocate or at least expand their production in the US.”

In general, while Europe is rapidly de-industrializing, in the States there is a boom in production. Yes, this week New York Times reported:

“Factory jobs are booming like they were in the 1970s: U.S. manufacturing is booming, and companies are adding workers amid strong consumer demand for products.

In total, as of August this year, manufacturers have returned about 1.43 million jobs, which is 67,000 workers more than the pre-pandemic level.”

And this, the tabloid assures, “is only the beginning of America’s reindustrialization and economic recovery, because the job cuts in Europe have just begun.”

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