Why are so many people mobilized, will there be enough weapons for everyone and when to expect victory

300,000 people are being mobilized in Russia.  Photo: Valery Matytsin/TASS

300,000 people are being mobilized in Russia. Photo: Valery Matytsin/TASS

And I asked these questions live radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” journalist Sergei Mardan.


Sergey Mardan:

– Andrei Viktorovich, the main theme of millions of families now is mobilization. Explain how this will be done? After all, 300 thousand people sent to the front is a huge figure for modern Russia.

Andrey Gurulev:

– If you compare it with some regional center, where there are 300 thousand people, including children and the elderly. Then yes. And if 300 thousand are divided into all regions, this is a drop in the ocean, let’s tell the truth.

How will the mobilization proceed? Yes, as usual. As storekeepers are called to the training camp, in the same way. Because in every military registration and enlistment office there is a assigned staff. For each card – what experience and specialty he has. And if I served as a driver of an infantry fighting vehicle, then I will go to serve them. But first, they will definitely send me to the training camp.

Lieutenant General Andrei Gurulev.  Photo: Valery Matytsin/TASS

Lieutenant General Andrei Gurulev. Photo: Valery Matytsin/TASS


– And why not immediately to the special operation zone? Why pull? Or are they trying to calm us down? And who calculated that exactly 300,000 people were needed?


– These are the calculations of our General Staff, this is the replenishment of the understaffing of units in the special operation zone.

Plus, in any case, we now need to cover the border of the Bryansk, Kursk, and Belgorod regions.

And in the liberated territories, our rears are empty. They need at least road and commandant regiments.


– Explain how it works? What is a road commandant’s regiment?


– We remember Chechnya, checkpoints. Their main task is to protect and escort columns. Block all roads so that not a single saboteur mouse slips through. This will rule out terrorist attacks in the liberated territories.

Who is needed for such regiments? Basically – the crews of combat vehicles, gunners, driver-mechanics.

The second thing we really need is that we have always lacked infantry: shooters, grenade launchers, machine gunners, snipers – those who really work in the battle chain.


– That is, assault infantry.


– She can be defensive.

Third. We do not have enough sappers, because with such a front line, it is necessary to put up bridges and minefields.

Fourth. We need gunners. It turned out that they now play a major role at the front.

Fifth. We need air defense specialists, in the fight against drones, today there are a lot of them over the battlefield.



– And how much do you need to train people to work with drones?


– I think three months. But everyone needs to be prepared before being sent to the front, everyone must be dragged through training centers. And our training centers will not immediately accommodate 300 thousand. We have the same number of all Ground Forces.

And at the landfills you need to create elementary conditions – where people live, eat, wash.


It’s cold in the tents now, winter is coming soon…


– Well, apparently, you have never lived in a tent. Sometimes camping is better than home!


– Ukraine sends its mobilized to England, to Poland, to NATO instructors. Do we have people who can train a soldier?


– Let’s not be mistaken about Britain there or Poland. There are already prisoners who were trained in Britain. For 21 days, they were there the maximum that they were taught to shoot from a Kalashnikov.

We have specialists who can train. But it’s one thing to train a shooter who can recover skills in two weeks. And put in order. And the second thing, for example, is the gunner-operator of a tank. There needs to be more tinkering. Not less than a month.


– Our military correspondents say that it is better to teach real modern battles to those people who have gone through them.


– And our country is arranged in such a way that someone is constantly fighting somewhere. I can tell for myself. Where I just did not wear.

We now have officers who were seriously injured and cannot return to the front. But they are ready to work in military schools. And this is very important for them – to stay in the ranks.


– And they are left in the service?


– My former subordinate, now Hero of Russia, regiment commander Rustam Saifullin lost his leg … But there is already a decision that he will be the deputy head of the school.

And this is not the only case.



– Do you think people need to be reassured or just tell the truth?


– The truth. Yes, today everyone is in alarm … And what, should they pick their nose, they say everything is purple to me? That doesn’t happen. Do you think that now those who are at the forefront have happy relatives, or what? They sit and wait. My 33-year-old wife’s main duty was to wait. The hardest thing.


– And how long do we have to wait for a complete and final victory?


– We all understand that this conflict may turn out to be a long one … I personally think that we will come to a conclusion somewhere by 2027-30.


– Reassured…


– It’s not about Ukraine. It’s about the global West. Only when we reach a new world order, then it will all end.



– Do we have enough equipment, weapons for 300 thousand people? The West supplies Ukraine without restrictions. How are we with this case, with iron?


– Ukraine is not supplied without restrictions. They are not that good. For a simple reason – the West has the same problems as we do. But we have them more solvable. We have not completed our military-industrial complex to the end. But it is more difficult for them to quickly deploy this business.

And our president, when meeting with the directors of the defense industry, said: guys, look at the best examples of Western technology, at what we don’t have yet. This needs to be fixed immediately…

I am now studying at the Academy of the General Staff, these directors are also studying with me. I know how they are in scalded cat mode now catching up.

Yes, maybe there won’t be equipment for all 300 thousand mobilized at once, but we won’t prepare 300 thousand at once, right?


– Of course.


– This is what we once destroyed by repair units, a big mistake. Today they are being restored. But an infantry regiment can be created in a month. A repair – it’s crazy. There are so many narrow specialists!

Now our defense industry has gone there, in the field, who does not know. And the creation of two field armored factories is also a great topic.

Our defense plants are already working in 3-4 shifts. So let’s break through…


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