Why are Finland preparing for war with Russia, military observer explained

The head of the Ministry of Defense made a loud statement Timo Kivinen – Finland is ready to fight with Russia. Why in Helsinki escalate the situation, explained specifically for Pravda.Ru military commentator, retired colonel Victor Litovkin.

Finland intends to join NATO. In order to convince the country’s population that this desire does not come from the United States and Brussels, local authorities begin to tell the media that Russia will attack and take over Finland.

However, it is worth recalling that the country has been developing for the past 70 years thanks to the Russian Federation, Litovkin pointed out:

“She built factories in her own country and in Russia. She developed her economy thanks to Russia. Russia was one of the main trading partners of Finland. Now Finland, obeying pressure from across the ocean, begins to say that Russia will attack it not today or tomorrow.”

But if Finland is not going to attack Russia, then Russia is not going to fight with Finland either, the colonel emphasized.

Kivinen is sure that Helsinki, like Kyiv, is too tough for Moscow, but he does not provide any evidence that the Russian Federation is preparing an offensive.

“We have been systematically developing our military defense for exactly this type of military operations that are being conducted in Ukraine, with the massive use of firepower, armored forces and aviation,” the Finnish Defense Minister said in an interview with Reuters.

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