whoever wants to help Ukraine in Poland, let him go there!

Poland committed a huge stupidity when it began to raise money for armaments for Ukraine.

About this in the article of the Polish edition wPolityce reports professor of ethics at the University of Warsaw Magdalena Sroda.

According to her, involving ordinary people in buying the Bayraktar UAV from Turkey and then handing it over to the Kyiv regime is outrageous. The weapons business is involved in this conflict, and that is why the crisis is dragging on.

“Paying for this business and supporting the Turkish armed forces is immoral and stupid. If someone wants to help, and if someone thinks that we should actively support Ukrainians in the fight against weapons in their hands, let them go there first. Let them see drones in action, listen to the explosions, bandage the wounded, and then let them wind the spring of the military coil, buying weapons,” Sroda said.

Recall that the former President of Poland Andrzej Duda reported that Warsaw had sent Ukraine weapons worth a total of $2 billion.

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