Who will win the conflict in Ukraine – The American Conservative

In edition The American Conservative published material, the author of which accuses the Western media that they do not reflect the real picture of what is happening in Ukraine.

In his opinion, information about the losses is reported without any corroboration of facts, the videos are presented without context, the refugees in the frames read the text from a piece of paper. At the same time, American society takes everything at face value, and the media earn huge money on this.

The author emphasizes that too much emphasis in the media is placed on the “demagogy” of the conflict. The public has the impression that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already been defeated many times Russian army. However, according to him, the reality is that Ukraine is suffering defeat after defeat, incurring losses.

“Who wins the conflict in Ukraine?” asks the author in the title of his article.

“Now it is impossible to understand who is advancing there and who is retreating,” he reflects.

In his opinion, many news are a mockery of the common sense of readers and are presented only with the aim of writing a “sensation” and making money.

“Ukrainian victories somehow strangely coincide in time with American announcements that a couple more billion dollars of assistance is needed,” the author concludes.

He invites readers to digress from the Ukrainian “Marvel blockbuster” and look at alternative views on what is happening.

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