Who will be called first of all during partial mobilization in Russia in 2022

First of all, the army is interested in: drivers, gunners, signalmen, engineers, gunners, anti-aircraft gunners, missilemen, junior command officers

First of all, the army is interested in: drivers, gunners, signalmen, engineers, gunners, anti-aircraft gunners, missilemen, junior command officers

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Let’s start with the fact that not a “general mobilization” was announced, which has not happened since 1941, but “partial”. Who will it affect?

Sergei Shoigu in the morning interview explained that during the “partial mobilization” 300,000 reservists will be called up: reserve servicemen who have combat experience, with the necessary military specialty for the army. According to the Minister of Defense, this is approximately 1% – 1.1% of the total mobilization resource, which today is 25 million.

And most importantly: no one is going to send students or conscripts to fight with armed drug addicts, criminals and bandits in Ukraine. At what even those who have passed training. We need seasoned men who have already gone through fire, water and copper pipes, started families and seen life.

Each military commissariat has a department where the second copies of the personal files (the first in the archive of the Ministry of Defense) of officers and a file cabinet of servicemen who once served on a contract basis are kept.

– A clear task has been set for the military commissariats, – an officer told KP.RU that he is busy with the issues of mobilizing the population in one of the districts of the capital. – Calling 300,000 strong, experienced men across the country is not at all difficult. If we take Moscow, then every draft office, every autumn call-up call for about 300-400 recruits per month. There are 30 military registration and enlistment offices in the city. So it turned out that about 1,000 people came from the city for each call. And if you divide the 300,000 necessary fighters into 85 regions, then 3,529 people will come out for each. That is, 117 people will go to Donbass from each Moscow region. The load on the draft board is quite small, especially since the cases of all the storekeepers have already been studied and updated.

Who will be called first?

– During the announced “partial mobilization”, first of all, men under 35 years old, former contract soldiers with combat experience, will be called up. They could get it as soldiers and sergeants in Georgia or Syria. Those who served as contract soldiers in the Chechen Republic during the first phase of the counter-terrorist operation are now more than 50 years old, and those who were there in the second – more than 40. These need to be retrained, since most of the weapons have already been modernized.

First of all, the army is interested in: drivers, gunners, signalmen, engineers, gunners, anti-aircraft gunners, missilemen, junior command officers. Young officers are needed up to and including the captain, who have graduated from combined arms schools. First of all, they will pay attention to those who served after a military school for 3-4 years and quit.

– What if they don’t want to?

– The affairs of the storekeepers have long been raised, studied, contacted everyone, they offered to undergo a medical examination and retraining (equipment in the army is constantly changing). Of course, not all of them will be called: someone is sick, others have dependent young children, a pregnant wife or elderly parents, for some reason they may be the only breadwinner in the family. They will not take to serve those who have a reservation – they forge a “shield and sword” at a defense enterprise or a deputy mandate. Today we are not talking about “general mobilization”, when even the sick were called up, but except for children, pregnant women and men over 60 years old. Then, you have already heard that the criminal punishment for leaving a unit or failing to appear on time for service during the period of mobilization and martial law has been toughened (Article 337 of the Criminal Code): unauthorized departure from two to ten days – up to five years in prison (in other circumstances – up to one year); from ten days to one month – up to seven years against three; over a month – from five to ten years in a colony against five years.

– And if they take it and go abroad?

– The business of the military enlistment office is to call, and not to look for or catch a candidate. This is a matter for the police and the courts.

– What about the call for “partial mobilization” of reserve officers?

– Soldiers and sergeants of the reserve with a military registration specialty are called up to 50 years. And junior officers (from junior lieutenant to captain) of the reserve are called up at the age of 55, senior officers (from captain to colonel) up to 60 years.

– Will there be enough people who want to serve and fight?

– For 300,000 storekeepers, there is still a line of volunteers who want to replace them. Work is also underway with them, but it takes time to train them. The situation in the Donbass now requires more military personnel, since the front stretched for almost 2,000 kilometers, and the transfer of units from one sector to another (the Armed Forces of Ukraine specifically concentrates forces and strikes in different sectors) requires serious costs and effort. In addition, in new areas, the military every time has to delve into the situation, conduct reconnaissance and reconnaissance, which affects the pace of demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. And everyone would like it to go faster. And no war will be declared. We have not fought and are not at war with the people of Ukraine. After the referendum in the Donbass, the special military operation (SVO) will cease, and the counter-terrorist operation (CTO) will continue.

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