Who needs to give up potatoes, the doctor explained

Patients suffering from type 1 and type 2 diabetes should exclude potatoes from daily menu, nutritionist said Mikhail Ginzburg.

In an interview Moscow 24 he noted that this vegetable consists of quickly digestible carbohydrates and is characterized by a high glycemic index. As the specialist explained, for the assimilation of potatoes in the body, insulin is required, which is absent in people with diabetes.

“In type 2 diabetics, blood sugar levels rise sharply after eating potatoes,” the doctor said.

Ginzburg also added that dishes with this vegetable can aggravate the overall clinical picture of the disease. Eating potatoes in large quantities with diabetes can lead to a situation where blood glucose levels reach critical values, the expert said. He stressed that in this case, the effect of the ongoing therapy will no longer be.

At the same time, the doctor clarified that patients with diabetes can safely consume all other vegetables.

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