Who killed the Ukrainian agro-oligarch: Minutes before his death, Alexei Vadatursky received a mysterious call from Kyiv

Ukrainian oligarch Aleksey Vadatursky died in his own house in Nikolaev as a result of a rocket attack.

Ukrainian oligarch Aleksey Vadatursky died in his own house in Nikolaev as a result of a rocket attack.

A photo:

A wonderful picture here looms with death Ukrainian agrarian oligarch, owner of the Nibulon agricultural company Oleksiy Vadatursky, who recently died in his own house in Nikolaev as a result of a missile strike. How many curses were poured out in Kyiv on Russia and Moscow, which allegedly specifically knock out the “flower of Ukrainian business” in order to doom Ukrainians to death from the coming hunger and cold.

In less than a week, everything in this story began to spin more interesting and even more interesting. New Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andriy Kostin on the air of the all-Ukrainian telethon, he suddenly announced that the Valatursky house could have been hit purposefully. That is, on purpose, and we are not talking about any accident. Recall that the rocket flew right into the bedroom window, when the agrarian oligarch himself went out onto the balcony, and killed both himself and his wife.

And then a natural question arises, to whom it is beneficial, and who in this case could be the customer. It’s no secret that one of the richest people in Ukraine (his fortune was estimated at 450 million dollars, and he was ranked 15th in the Ukrainian Forbes rating) Vadatursky was an active opponent of the export of Ukrainian grain from Odessa by sea. Moreover, he was going to and began to use his alternative ways to export grain.

No one here is going to try to somehow whitewash and paint him in some colors different from those in which he painted himself. Vadatursky was still a Russophobe, a hater of Russia, helped the National Battalions and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but was a supporter of Poroshenko and remained until the last moment the enemy Zelensky. At the same time, in Nikolaev and the region, he was more than authoritative, behind his back he was even called the “master” of Nikolaev.

And then suddenly a leak leaked out from the American NSA, which listens to half the world, if not the whole world. That morning, Vadatursky received a call from a certain deputy minister from Kyiv, who first congratulated him on some event, and then asked him to go out onto the balcony, motivating his request with poor communication quality.

So. Everything else is classic…

– Hello, Dzhokhar, where are you?

– Yes, I’m going here in the mountains.

– Listen, Dzhokhar, it’s hard to hear, stop the car, get out of it, wait. Communication will improve.

And that’s it. And there is no Johar.

And then some witnesses from among the neighbors of Vadatursky, it turns out, noticed how some kind of light flew from the edge of the forest to his house …

And Vadatursky was a stumbling block for Zelensky. And after killing with one rocket fifty captured “Azov” some one oligarch, albeit an important one – that’s right, seeds. And for that “Big Three” of American investment funds, which bought up 17 million hectares of Ukrainian black soil through shell companies, and until recently could not use the harvested crop, the same Vadatursky is a pot-bellied trifle. And they do not persuade opponents for a long time.

And then why be surprised if something like this suddenly appears here …

– Aleksey Afanasyevich, go out onto the balcony so that the killers do not make a mistake, look, the connection will be better.

Only now, Zelensky himself, who has already squandered Western billions and not only from states, but also from investment funds, must be afraid that one day he will suddenly hear on the phone: “Vladimir Alexandrovich, you won’t be able to go out to the balcony, otherwise the connection bad?”

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