Who is Maricarmen and why was she marked as a bad influence on Karla Tarazona?

Maricarmen Miasta is Karla Tarazona's best friend.
Maricarmen Miasta is Karla Tarazona’s best friend.

His name rang loudly when Karla Tarazona separated from Rafael Fernandez. In an edition of the program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’the ‘King of Eggs’ he told Magaly Medina that Maricarmen Miasta I lived in the same house as them and intruded on their privacy. It is for this reason that the relationship began to crack.

“There was a person who went to live in the house when he married Karla Tarazona. She is Maricarmen and she is a kind of assistant, nanny, community manager and representative (…) It is as if you had moved with your mother. This person was an element that somehow invaded the couple’s privacy,” he explained. Magaly Medinaas he told Rafael Fernandez.

“She is a person who helps her with the upbringing of the children and almost has her as a member of the family,” the journalist also said on her program.

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The businessman also explained that Karla and Maricarmen were always aware of the couple’s social networks. Pamela Franco. “The two were pending, both Maricarmen and Karla, from the networks of Christian Domínguez and his wife (Pamela Franco). Rafael says that he told Karla and told her, and it changed three days, four days, but on the fifth day, everything was the same again, “said Magaly Medina.

“More than the assistant, she seemed to be Christian’s best friend, his confidant or something. According to Rafael, what he perceived is that this lady and Christian were in communication all day and then she transmitted that to Karla, ”he said.

After several months, finally, Maricarmen Miasta broke her silence and explained why she did not come out to defend herself when she was pointed out by many as a bad influence on Karla Tarazona.

Through a conversation with Lady Guillen to ‘Say it loud‘, Maricarmen Miasta He defended himself for the first time from the attacks he has been receiving. The program was broadcast on January 11, 2023. The woman pointed out that she did not speak to her at the time because she is not a public person and it was not her place to refer to the subject.

Accompanied by Karla Tarazona, Miasta indicated that she experienced painful moments when people asked her for explanations of why they called her a “bad influence”.

“It was very painful when people write to me and call me to ask ‘What happened? Why do you talk like that?’ (…) Suddenly, when a person is outside of a relationship, they see things more clearly and it is understandable that at certain times, Karla, who shared a relationship, did not see the things that others saw”, she indicated through tears to ” Say it loud’.

“(I have seen her suffer) a lot, cry, beg, beg, very complicated moments. If you want someone like a sister, like she is to me, then how can you ask me to stay out of it, I can’t. I know how she has suffered, how she feels, how things hurt,” she added.

Finally, he pointed out that he does not regret anything, and will continue to support Karla Tarazona. “They have criticized me and continue to criticize me, saying that I was the bad one, the bad influence. But if you love someone, you can’t allow them to hurt them and sell themselves in front of cameras like the people they are not, ”she said, avoiding giving names.

It should be noted that, as Kurt Villavicencio once indicated, Maricarmen Miasta has lived with Karla Tarazona since 2013. In addition, she is Valentino’s godmother, the last son of the TV host with Christian Domínguez.

Karla Tarazona: Nana of the conductor responds for the first time to Rafael Fernández. (Pan American TV)

In the same interview, Karla Tarazona referred to Maricarmen Miasta and marked her as an unconditional person, who has been with her in the hardest moments of her life.

“It is very important to me, a lot. Especially in Valentino’s life, because when he was born I lived through a very emotionally complicated time, and added to that, Valentino was a seven-month-old boy. We practically spent six months in the clinic nebulizing him because his little lungs had not developed well, ”explained the host of ‘Préntete’.

“Maricarmen and I took turns, and apart from the responsibility of having Stefano and Alessandro who were older. For a mother that a person sees your children as if they were their own, it is the best gift one can have. Valentino dies for Maricarmen, ”she said.


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