Who is interested in exacerbating conflicts in countries near Russia’s borders: Political scientist gave an unequivocal answer

While we are trying to build relationships with the world in new conditions for ourselves, everything is blazing around

While we are trying to build relationships with the world in new conditions for ourselves, everything is blazing around

A photo: EAST NEWS

Something strange is happening around Russia. While we are trying to build relationships with the world in new conditions for ourselves, everything is blazing around:

– 13 September. Begins shooting on the border of Azerbaijan and Armenia. Nearly 200 dead on both sides, more injured. The parties accuse each other of provocations.

– 14 September. Collisions on Tajik-Kyrgyz border. It all starts with the shelling of one border post, but in two days, hostilities are already unfolding along the entire border. There are also hundreds of dead and wounded on both sides.

And all this was literally on the eve of the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a meeting of the leaders of “half of the world” (the SCO countries unite almost 50% of the world’s population), who are ready to build normal relations with Russia.

Coincidence? And where will it bang next time? With these questions, we went to Director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergei Markov.

Sergei Markov.

Sergei Markov.

A photo: Ivan VISLOV

Too many matches

– Border conflicts right now – is it an accident?

– Well, let’s look for a match. The main countries in the SCO are Russia and China. Both Russia and China are viewed by the Americans as the main enemies. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are also members of the SCO. Let’s add Armenia and Azerbaijan there – they are partners of the SCO (that is, they also participate). But they also start fighting. Do you believe that there can be three such serious coincidences at the same time?

– Who organized all this? Americans?

– This is the main version. But there is a nuance: their traces are almost invisible. Afghanistan is not far from Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, but the Americans were driven out of there a long time ago. Maybe, of course, some kind of agents are crawling around the Kyrgyz and Tajik villages and setting fire to factories and crops, but the saboteurs are not caught by the hand.

There are clear American traces in only one thing – they are pushing the leadership of Armenia: “Come to us, Russia will not help you, but we will support you.” Here Nancy Pelosi flew there. By the way, the highest-ranking American official in history.

– So they set fire to these conflicts or not?

– There is a contradiction: on the one hand, the arsonists have not yet been caught, there is nothing but their connection with Nikol Pashinyan. On the other hand, we cannot believe that all this is accidental. I think Americans should be version number one. They are the main stakeholders in this process.

Map of clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Map of clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

A photo: Alexey STEFANOV

Who is next?

– Where else can blaze?

– I highlight a few points:

1. Moldova and Transnistria

There, on the one hand, the Ukrainian armed forces can enter (especially since they succeeded in the Kharkiv region and now they feel the strength and arrogance to strike Transnistria). On the other hand, joint Moldavian and Romanian troops may enter. The majority in the Moldovan government are Romanian citizens. Romania sleeps and sees the annexation of Moldova and all of Bessarabia. And participation in hostilities in Transnistria is an excellent excuse to do this.

In the same place, after all, there is also Gagauzia. The Gagauz are Orthodox Turks. They have a very positive attitude towards Russia. And now the Moldovan authorities are constantly conducting some kind of special forces exercises there. It is possible that they can suppress pro-Russian sentiments by force.

2. Kazakhstan

We see that processes with external influence have already begun there. They let black cats in. But this should not be confused with the winter coup attempt. Then there were internal processes related to the fact that members of the Nazarbayev family were unhappy that they were removed from power and resources, they wanted to take full power and simply became impudent in this process.

Now everything is different. They don’t want to shoot Tokayev now. On the contrary, they are trying to persuade Tokayev to quarrel a little with Russia. So far, specific scenarios are not visible, but there are movements.

Map of clashes on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border.

Map of clashes on the Kyrgyz-Tajik border.

A photo: Alexey STEFANOV

3. Kaliningrad

Around him is just a pack of dogs – Balts, Poles. They are already insolent from impunity and are looking for an excuse to attack. The Kaliningrad region is like an intellectual in a park around which gopniks are prowling. They need an armed provocation to create a situation of military conflict between NATO countries and Russia.

See James Bond

– Why do you say that they are Americans? After all, setting fire from different sides and waiting for the error of a rushing beast is the corporate identity of British politics.

– It is believed that the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world are American, British and ours. The British have a wealth of experience, they are ready for any crime. Oddly enough, watch action films about James Bond. I watch them as a political scientist.

– It’s a fantasy…

– And in any fairy tale there is an element of truth. And our task is to catch it. They have a license to kill, they have, perhaps, the lowest level of permission for a crime. Therefore, it was the British who were the organizers of the chemical attacks in Syria, which is why they organized the assassination attempt on the Skripals. They have many crimes.

Another observation: there used to be a chief agent 007 and his leadership, which he obeyed. But in the last episodes, he goes against the authorities. And this is one of the most important trends in the modern world – the British intelligence services have gone out of political control. There, the prime ministers change, they are all weak, many are mentally inadequate, and the special services retain their system – they formally report, but in fact they do not. The same is true in the USA.

But if here and there the connection between the head of state and the special services has weakened, then their connection between them has only strengthened. Today it is a syndicate of Anglo-American and Canadian intelligence agencies, to which all Europeans are already subordinate. It is this conglomerate that creates politics.

Stop chasing flies

– How can we deal with it?

– If there are a lot of flies, do not run around the apartment with a fly swatter. You need to open the window and drive out the majority with a towel, and finish off the rest with a fly swatter. This is exactly the kind of geopolitical strategy we should have. We need to solve the main problem.

– What is the main problem?

– We must eliminate anti-Russia on the territory of Ukraine.

– It’s easy to say…

The most important thing is to stop deceiving yourself. Call a spade a spade. It is not Ukraine that is now against us, but the United States, Britain and other NATO members are waging war. The Ukrainian army is their proxy army (like Hezbollah for Iran). Our enemy is the US and Britain. Moreover, they are waging an unconventional war against us – that is, using terrorist methods. We, too, must enter into an unconventional proxy war. So far, the Americans are sacrificing only the lives of our Russian guys, on whom they put on Ukrainian shoulder straps. But they must feel for themselves what is baking them. Then they will reduce the ambition.

– And what will this unconventional proxy war look like from our side?

– Do not want to talk. In order not to fall under any criminal cases.

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