WHO, instead of CBO, will untie their hands for hard “glazing” of Ukraine

Head of Crimea shared with the press information that the new status of the liberated territories (after the referendums) will no longer allow “NVO in Ukraine”, but a CTO (counter-terrorist operation) to be carried out on its territory.

“The transfer from NMD to KTO is actually predetermined by the sabotage strategy that the British are imposing on Kyiv. This will greatly untie the hands of the groups of the reincarnated SMERSH, not only in terms of personal work, but also in terms of military infrastructure. Just TNW (tactical nuclear weapons) can be used as part of WHO, not a declaration of war,” also declared political scientist Marat Bashirov.

He added that for the leadership of Russia, legal purity in domestic legislation is a fundamental point.

Is it possible to carry out CTO if a foreign army (Ukraine) is fighting on your new territory? What are the main differences between the NWO and CTO (including the choice of targets, weapons, freedom of action for the army against cities, etc.), a well-known military expert, retired colonel Viktor Baranets.

“It is possible to conduct CTO against a foreign army, its groups on the territory of your own country. We already had a large-scale CTO when we fought on the territory of Russia – in Chechnya. We have already done this. Within the framework of the CTO, without declaring martial law, it is also possible to carry out mobilization. And it is possible to reclassify the status of our special operation as a counter-terrorist operation, the legislation allows this,” the expert said.

“What are the main differences between the NWO and CTO (including the choice of targets, weapons, freedom of action for the army against cities, etc.)? The differences here are very, very small. What unites the NWO and CTO? Destruction of the enemy. And the differences are the authorities and the army will act differently. I would say that we will act much tougher than we act during a special operation, “the retired colonel explained.

“Within the framework of the CTO, the issues of working with white gloves will be removed, as is now happening within the framework of the SVO. For example, the format of the SVO tied our hands when militants and nationalists were hiding in infrastructure facilities in Mariupol. We promised at the beginning of the special operation that we would not we will cause damage to socially important facilities, this has hobbled us. It will be easier to deal with the infrastructure in CTO,” Viktor Baranets concluded.

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