While Kyiv is talking nonsense, Washington is at a loss

In Ukraine, of course, they immediately blamed Russia for this blow.  Photo: Vadim Belozertsev/TASS

In Ukraine, of course, they immediately blamed Russia for this blow. Photo: Vadim Belozertsev/TASS

Yesterday’s attack on the penal colony in Yelenovka, where surrendered Ukrainian soldiers and officers were held, as a result of which 53 “Azov” people were killed and over 70 more were injured, caused a flurry of confused comments from the United States. Unlike Ukraine, where the perpetrators were found as quickly as they came up with the most ridiculous versions of the rocket attack on prisoners of war in the colony.

In Ukraine, of course, they immediately blamed Russia for this blow. Moreover, the reasons why Russia hit the colony are called one another more ridiculous. That, they say, the Russians launched rockets to hide the facts of torture, torture and even executions of “Azov” in captivity. Although in all the videos, which are already quite a few on the Web, the prisoners are present without any injuries and traces of violence, they talk about their crimes very willingly, repent, realizing that this is their only chance to stay alive and betray each other with enviable frequency.

Another version says that in this way the Russians, they say, tried to hide the theft while providing prisoners of war with food allowances. Real nonsense of the insane, but in Ukraine, where stealing something and robbing a neighbor is a tradition of noble “chivalry”, they will readily believe in such an explanation, because they understand this.

The third version – the Russians in this way coped with the riot, which was raised by the “Azovites” in the colony, almost rushing to the breakthrough. It’s also nonsense, because such riots, which sometimes occur in prisons around the world, including in our country, are pacified by the introduction of prison special forces, and in the course of pacification, special equipment is used, in extreme cases, small arms or even (very rarely -!) light armored vehicles, but no one has ever tried to hammer a rocket into an enraged barrack. And the location of most of the bodies of the dead on the beds in the barracks at the time of arrival somehow does not really confirm the version of the riot. It’s kind of strange, not a sit-down strike, but a recumbent revolt.

Even more entertaining is the behavior of those in charge across the ocean in connection with this tragedy. For the Americans, what happened, it seems, came as a surprise, representatives of various departments spoke so inconsistently, and their words were so helpless.

– We have seen these messages. It’s not something we can talk about from here. This is not what we are going to comment on. At the moment, we are not going to talk about it, – White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre answered questions from a journalist at the traditional daily briefing. It’s not even “I need to clarify in the office”, which her predecessor Jen Psaki became famous for. This is the complete absence of any orientation, even non-traditional, in these matters.

– We have only recently seen fresh data on this. Supposedly, a barracks with Ukrainian prisoners of war was hit, but we cannot confirm this, so I think I need to refrain from commenting. We simply do not have enough information to talk about these first messages, – said the coordinator for strategic communications at the White House National Security Council, Admiral John Kirby.

But the icing on the cake was the speech of a high-ranking representative of the US military department.

– We don’t have any exact information. If it was a strike from the Ukrainian side, I assure you, they did not want to do it, – this Pentagon official explained at a special briefing.

In general, understand, forgive. They didn’t want to, it’s all by accident.

And who are they? Apparently, the attack on the Yelenovskaya colony was not taken in the United States, otherwise they would have tried to squeeze something out of themselves, having previously agreed on positions. Then this is the purest initiative of the Ukrainian leadership from Kyiv.

Whether the crest is more cunning, as folk wisdom, by the way, Ukrainian, says, is another question. But what is more cunning than an American – no doubt. As well as something that is more stupid than a crow.


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