Which zodiac signs are the most caustic

Some may appreciate the straightforwardness of a caustic person, but most snide remarks like “You have a good memory for your age” still hurt. Astrologers believe that such people should not be blamed, because the reason lies in the horoscope.

The six most snarky signs of the zodiac


Surprisingly, social butterflies of the zodiac can be found on this list. Talkative Gemini can be sarcastic from time to time.

“Gemini loves to be the center of attention and determine the direction of the conversation,” says tarot reader and astrologer Leah Goldberg. “If someone else tries to pull the blanket over themselves or change the topic of conversation, then the Gemini can get angry and sass.”


Representatives of this zodiac sign are very assertive people, they tell the truth regardless of the situation or circumstances, notes Goldberg. They say what’s on their mind without considering the consequences. However, astrologer Rachel Clare explains that there is nothing behind their sarcasm. “They are light-hearted and witty people, but sometimes their sarcasm rolls over.”


This zodiac sign is known for their work ethic, which causes them to “judge themselves and others by their success,” explains astrologer Tara Bennet. If you get in their way, you will definitely feel for yourself how sharp their tongue is. They are so focused on success that they lose sight of how tactless they are.

Outside of work, Capricorn uses causticity as a defense mechanism. “Capricorns find it hard to let their guard down and show their vulnerability,” Claire notes. “As an earth sign, they want to be gentle and loving with their loved ones, but it’s easier for them to hide behind sarcasm at such moments.”


Aquarians are often seen as quite eccentric as they get stuck in their own little world. “Because of this, it is difficult for them to understand the thought process of other people,” Claire explains. “There is one path in their heads, so if other people choose a different route, then Aquarians will not do without a stinging comment.”

Bennett adds that Aquarians often resort to snarky remarks “to avoid emotional discussion or confrontation.” After all, a caustic remark usually breaks off the conversation.


Perfectionist Virgos have a hard time when things don’t go according to their well-thought-out plan. Astrologer Tara Redfield says that because of their critical thinking, they “will easily find something to complain about.” But Virgos rarely act with malicious intent, usually they want to improve the lives of others.


Scorpions with their causticity hit the pedestal. They are dominated by black humor, so from their lips even a harmless joke can instantly turn into aggressive attacks.

“Gifted to read people, a Scorpio can move you to tears with just a few well-chosen words,” says Bennett.

Ruled by fiery, aggressive Mars, this enigmatic water sign is a deadly mix of all things stingy. According to Goldberg, it is the “dark outlook on life” that makes a Scorpio be hostile. Scorpios are extremely secretive, do not trust people and always expect the worst from them.

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