which zodiac signs are real crybabies

Many people like to complain – sometimes about fate, sometimes about evil bosses who do not appreciate it. Such people can find plenty of reasons for whining, because for them the main thing is the process itself, because it’s nice to feel sorry for yourself. Why – astrologers can find an explanation.

What zodiac signs are prone to whining

They consider themselves adventurers. But once a Sagittarius feels comfortable and stops trying to impress you, they will show their true self.

Sagittarians love to complain about life, they do it with the same passion and enthusiasm as when they throw a party, says astrologer Inbaal Honigman.

“They whine with a fervor and focus usually reserved for transformational spiritual experiences.”

But they don’t stay in that state for long. “The second they stop expressing their dissatisfaction, they go back to their usual fun demeanor without hesitation,” Honigman adds.

Aquarians often “drown” in their own head. “They will not tolerate any discrimination and will selflessly take their shirt off their back to cover yours,” Honigman explains. “But if you openly disagree with the Aquarius’s point of view on something, they will immediately begin to whine and will not stop until they pull it over.” you on your side.”

Balanced Libras are known for being extremely collected. At the same time, they are considered the most passive-aggressive sign of the zodiac. “They whine to report trouble,” says Honigman.

Because Libras don’t like to upset the balance of things, “they won’t yell at you, they won’t force you to do anything, they won’t criticize you.” But that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, so whining is their way of “avoiding a mistake”.

Although Taurus may seem indestructible, they are more vulnerable than you think and get annoyed by the little things. “Taurus, like other earth signs like Capricorn and Virgo, will let things go and take it stoically, but when it’s over, they want to treat themselves,” Honigman explains. “And if their favorite takeaway restaurant is closed or the battery their phone is dead, they will whine.”

Taurus won’t whine as much as other signs, but “their dissatisfaction will show on their face,” says astrologer Ansley Echols.

Pisces are well known for picking up the energy of those around them. So if they’re spending time with someone who’s whining, they’ll jump right in. Since this is a sensitive sign, it is difficult for him not to think about the experiences of his friend or family member.

According to Echols, this emotional water sign is “extremely sensitive and in tune with all the vibrations around it.” But this constant empathy can be exhausting, especially when people aren’t ready to reciprocate it. Cancers are one of the most moody signs, so sometimes they don’t even know what they’re talking about. “Moon rules Cancer, so their moods can change quickly and dramatically, which earned them the title of ‘crybaby,'” explains Echols.

Cancers also find it hard to be assertive. Instead of confronting someone, they will grumble quietly behind that person’s back. They don’t want to whine, they just don’t have another way to express their feelings.

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