Which theater replaced Serebrennikov’s Gogol Center

Artistic director of the Gogol Theater Anton Yakovlev.  Photo: Artem Geodakyan/TASS

Artistic director of the Gogol Theater Anton Yakovlev. Photo: Artem Geodakyan/TASS

Anton Yakovlev is going to stage on the Big Stage “A Hero of Our Time” based on the novel by Lermontov, “Munchausen” based on the play by Grigory Gorin, the play “Cathedrals” based on the novel by Leskov and “Versilov and Others” based on the novel “The Teenager” by Dostoevsky. Productions by other directors are planned. With their release, everything is much more definite: December 22 on the Small Stage Gleb Cherepanov will release a play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” based on Shakespeare. The Picture of Dorian Gray directed by Oscar Wilde will premiere on December 29 Konstantin Mishin.

The plans for the second half of the season include “Stories” by Shukshin (director – Sergey Vinogradov), “In the Dark Forest” by Zeller (director – Pavel Parkhomenko). Ulanbek Bayaliev will start rehearsing on the Big Stage, Sergey Tonyshev will start rehearsing on the Small Stage. Names will be announced later. The repertoire will include “Petty bourgeois. An Attempt to Read” based on Gorky is a performance by graduates of the workshop of Pavel Chomsky and Sergei Golomazov at GITIS.

The laboratory of young director “Perspektiva” will start working in the theater. Four directors will show sketches based on their own chosen material. The most successful of them will be finalized into a full-fledged performance, they will be included in the repertoire.

At the Theatre. Gogol, a musical direction will appear, which involves the staging of rock operas, musicals and musical performances. Already this season, the theatrical oratorio “Heat” will be released – a choral theatrical composition for choir, orchestra and electronic instruments.

The musical and poetic direction will be presented by a one-man performance based on Pushkin’s novel “Eugene Onegin”, the reader is the artist Maxim Averin (Big Stage). Also planned is a cycle of poetry evenings dedicated to the poets of the 20th century: Brodsky, Samoilov, Mayakovsky and Ryzhiy.

It will have its own cinema club “Krupny Plan” (a cinema club also existed in the Gogol Center). The first event will be a demonstration and discussion

Mikhail Kalatozov’s film “The Cranes Are Flying”, which in October celebrates the 65th anniversary of its release on Soviet screens.

The troupe of the Gogol Theater was replenished with new artists (at least 25 people). Mostly it is the youth. Such a powerful update is due to the fact that after the closing of the Gogol Center (last summer), the artists left the theater. Few, but it was the backbone on which the repertoire rested. New ones were taken in their place.

It is already possible to draw some conclusions about the concept of the Gogol Theatre, which has gone through yet another upgrade. It will be a theater that advocates traditional values, moderately conservative, but designed for a wide audience who loves not only drama, but also musicals, rock operas, and poetry evenings. The main thing is that both should be done at a high level.

– First of all, we must try to create bright, interesting performances that will attract the audience not only with recognizable faces, but with unexpected, new ideas, form, and quality of production. And of course, it is necessary to grow new heroes who will want to go to the theater, – said the artistic director Anton Yakovlev.

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