Where to go in winter in Russia

The New Year holidays are in full swing, and now, after a plentiful New Year’s feast with family and friends, it’s time to think about more active holidays. It’s best to go somewhere. We have collected several options for a budget trip to Russia.

1. Option one and the most obvious – St. Petersburg

Go to the Northern capital for a few days to unwind? – for many Russians, this has already become a tradition (and sometimes a reason for jokes about the “obsessive idea syndrome to move to St. Petersburg”).

From entertainment there are eternal ones: take a walk around the city center, go to the Mariinsky Theater or break away in the water park in defiance of winter.

There are also seasonal ones: go out of town and learn snowboarding or harness dogs and rush off into the snowy distance.

2. More expensive option, classic – Sochi

Krasnaya Polyana, one of the most famous ski resorts in Russia, is a serious candidate for consideration.

Maximum comfort is guaranteed, modern hotels and mild weather for January – up to plus five degrees during the day.

It is convenient to go here with the whole family to spend a vacation with health benefits, not to be bored and to bring a lot of photos against the backdrop of harsh snow-capped mountains.

3. Original version – Crimea

Yes, you can’t swim in the sea in winter, but there are a thousand more interesting activities, and a lazy beach holiday can be postponed until summer.

But there will be an occasion to remember “Assu” and walk along the winter Yalta, climb Ai-Petri and visit the main Crimean sights in a calm atmosphere – and it’s not hot, and there are few people.

4. Popular option – Karelia

It is here that tourists come in winter to take a break from the frantic urban rhythm of life, enjoy the silence and clean air …

And if you are tired of calmness, you can race on a dog sled, visit Kizhi and Kivach, or go to the mini-ski resort “Gorka”.

5. For those who like urban romance – Kaliningrad

A small seaside town, similar to an illustration in a book about the Middle Ages, with a Cathedral and German villas.

Walking along the promenade, visiting the Fish Village, visiting ancient castles and German villas in the surrounding area sounds like a perfect adventure.

6. Golden ring – for lovers of travel

You can visit eight cities of North-Eastern Russia (and finally remember which cities are included in the Golden Ring) at any time of the year, but in winter this has a special charm. You will definitely not be bored, because you will have a rather rich program.

And most importantly, after such a trip, you can safely talk about ancient Russian culture and architecture – having examined such a number of cultural objects, you will become a real connoisseur!

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