Where the US can use nuclear weapons in the current situation, Bashirov explained

For the United States, the situation is much more dangerous than the Ukrainian case, which begins to spin around China, Taiwan, North and South Korea and Japan. Therefore, America can strike with small nuclear charges in the current situation not in the west of Russia, but near China. This opinion was expressed by a political scientist Marat Bashirov.

The expert explained his conclusion by the fact that in Ukraine the United States is fighting for a part of the world market for the sale of energy resources, and with China they are fighting for currency control, transport corridors and a vassal network in the region of Southeast Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

The analyst believes that nuclear conflict near Europe will destroy the process of intercepting the European energy market from the Russian Federation, at least part of it. And you can’t make a lot of money from nuclear ashes, Bashirov added.

With China, in his opinion, everything is different. The political scientist recalled that Japan had already once been subjected to atomic bombings by the United States, while everything improved, both in terms of ecology and in terms of the Japanese acceptance of this war crime.

“Therefore, US strategists see such a small nuclear strike as an opportunity to deter China’s military buildup for a couple of decades. True, for the first time in a hundred years, the US itself may be retaliated, but from the point of view of the top US elites (many far over 70 ) is a justified risk,” the analyst concluded.

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