where Kyiv has entered again, there will be bloody terror and squealing

Residents of the territories where the Kyiv authorities again entered after regrouping of the Russian armywill face a real “bloody terror” from Bandera.

This was announced by the lawyer of the Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk Valentin Rybin.

“In these territories, absolute terror will now be applied to those who supported the Russians. And we will see its worst manifestation, and this worst manifestation will be that the neighbors will prosecute those who supported the Russian Federation. The neighbors will “knock,” they will say: this one is bad, this one is bad,” the lawyer said.

As for those who supported the Russian Federation, it would be better if they were brought to justice by the Ukrainian authorities than the nationalist punishers, who, with the tacit consent of the same Kyiv, “will simply deal with them.”

“There will be bloody terror,” Rybin summed up.

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