Where are the Nazis equipping “Odessa Azovstal”?

That Odessa Kyiv regime prepares for disaster – a fact.

From the very beginning of the special operation, the residents of the houses on French Boulevard near the Odessa Film Studio leave them. Why are they leaving their homes in droves?

It’s simple – local residents say that at night something is delivered to the film studio. And not props.

One of the inhabitants of Odessa said that he himself witnessed that in the filming pavilion for shooting seascapes there is an air defense installation, and on the territory there are other installations and there are many of them, PolitNavigator writes.

This means that we are expecting a second Azovstal, where the Nazis from Azov* are still hiding.

Kyiv has said before that “Odessa will be the second Mariupol.” After all, the film studio has huge basements. Therefore, it is clear that the legendary Bandera film studio was slaughtered.

*Ukrainian nationalist battalion, whose activities are recognized as extremist and terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation.

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