When Ukraine runs out of military aviation, experts say

Russian troops shoot down enemy planes and helicopters almost every day during a military operation. In March, it was reported that “practically all” combat-ready aviation in Kyiv was eliminated. Consequently, Ukraine receives aircraft from abroad and quickly repairs damaged vehicles.

According to Major General Alexandra Tsalko, with the restoration of aircraft in Ukraine at the moment “there are no problems.” Military aircraft and helicopters that were decommissioned earlier can take part in hostilities. However, Kyiv is experiencing a shortage of qualified military pilots.

“Today, the flight crew in Ukraine has almost been completely exterminated. <…> I am surprised how they agree to fly on such rubbish – not pilots, but kamikazes. They are shot down, but they continue to make sorties,” the expert wonders.

Major General Vladimir Popov noted that the most vulnerable point of Ukrainian aviation is the availability and training of personnel. He emphasized that the pilot must not only be able to fly, but also be highly motivated. Moreover, Russian air defense successfully eliminates any enemy air targets.

“These strikes achieve results. The intensity of the use of the Ukrainian Air Force has decreased several times compared to the beginning of the operation,” Popov said in an interview with the VZGLYAD newspaper.

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