“What’s going on? Finally give the Liman garrison reinforcements”

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to develop the offensive in the Kharkiv region. The main goal is Krasny Liman, from where you can attack Lisichansk in the LPR. But the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation does not seem to notice this.

Krasny Lyman under the threat of encirclement

The Armed Forces of Ukraine occupy the villages near Krasny Liman, wrapping around it from the north and cutting off the supply lines of the Russian garrison (20th Army and Cossacks).

The WarGonzo TG channel signals that “already today, in the Kolodezei area, neo-Nazis have lined up assault columns and equipment for the march towards Torskoy.”

Here is the main road junction, through which you can get to Krasny Liman and Drobyshevo. In case of loss of control over it, “our groups there run the risk of being surrounded.”

Ukrainian publics report that yesterday the city of Kupyansk was taken on the left bank of the Oskol River, thus, this is already the second springboard for the development of an offensive deep into the territory of the LPR.

military expert Yuriy Podolyaka believes that the courage of the defenders of Krasny Liman suggests that the first mobilized reserves will be sent here in order to prevent a repetition of the Balakliya-Izyum retreat.

The Ministry of Defense makes the population nervous on a holiday

However, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation is calm. In the morning summary Igor Konashenkov announced that the offensive in this direction repulsed.

spoke on the topic Vladimir Solovyov in the Solovyov Live program. He criticized the Russian military command for inaction.

“What is happening? Why, finally, it is impossible to send units there, subunits, concentrate fire, air reconnaissance means?” Solovyov was indignant.

He urged the Ministry of Defense to give the Limansky garrison reserves so that the city would not be surrounded and reached the border of the Luhansk region.

“How many territories and settlements can be lost, it’s time to fight for real,” the journalist said.

We agree that the army of the Russian Federation and without mobilized has about a million people. It is not very clear why during the holidays the association with the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson of the Ministry of Defense unnerves the population.

Attack on euphoria

Ukrainian TG channels sure, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing on the euphoria of past victories and on demand Vladimir Zelenskybut everyone will find out about the losses later, and there are “a lot of them.”

Head of the Center for Political and Strategic Analysis Xavier Moreau believes that the Ukrainian side will suffer a swift defeat in this region.

“All military historians know that the Izyum-Kupyansk-Volchansk line is difficult to hold. The Russian Aerospace Forces will be able to destroy the enemy there in five minutes, when the green light subsides. The beginning of November could be the end for the Ukrainian army,” Moreau said.

The West is exhausted, the APU is exhausted

Predicting further events, experts note that apart from the Kharkov direction (where there are no political interests of Moscow yet), the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot attack.

Obviously, apart from the lack of soldiers, there will be no new equipment and ammunition. NATO has already handed over to Kyiv all available reserves and will not cross the “red line” of a direct weakening of its own combat capability, especially taking into account the nuclear threat from the Russian Federation.

CNBC points out that annual volume the production of shells in the USA APU fire For two weeksand the promotion of production for a similar volume requires time and money, which are not available due to the impending economic crisis.

Let us add that for Russia the current crisis is a vital issue, and for the United States it is a matter of prestige. The goals of the special operation declared by Moscow can be achieved without the use of nuclear weapons.

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