What zodiac signs love dogs the most

Heinrich Heine once wrote: “The more I know people, the more I like dogs.” Dogs have been reliable companions of man for about 15 thousand years, and it is not surprising that some people love their pets. Some people simply cannot live without dogs, considering them members of the family. Astrologers are sure that it could not have done without the influence of the stars.

What zodiac signs are the ideal owners for dogs

“Aquarius’ only goal is to save everyone in the world,” notes astrologer Inbaal Honigman. “People, pets, they love everyone.”

Astrologer Charlotte Kirsten agrees, although she notes that Aquarius may not be as practical as other signs.

“Ruled by destructive Uranus, Aquarians are more likely to organize wildlife sanctuaries and animal charities. They like to think big, and addressing the problems of homeless animals is in line with their innate values ​​of humanism.” They will not buy a dog, but rather adopt one from a shelter.

Leo’s outgoing personality is not limited to human interaction. “Loyal, playful and very affectionate, these lovable Leos treat pets like they are part of their family,” says Kirsten. “Ruled by the Sun, Leos quickly take over pet care.”

Kirsten adds that Leos “love pets that have a playful nature.” Therefore, you are more likely to see a Leo with an energetic golden retriever or spaniel.

This sign loves nothing but companionship and fun, and having a dog as a pet is another way to fulfill that desire. Astrologer Tara Bennet adds that Gemini’s adaptability also makes them perfect hosts.

Sweet and caring, Pisces loves to help out, so this sign is more likely to adopt a stray dog, says Barretta. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of inspiration and dreams, this intuitive sign will always guess what his pet needs.

Kirsten says they will also do their best to make life easier for their pets. Real creators at heart, they are always involved in the process.

Tauruses are famous stay-at-homes, which means their pets will get a lot of attention. Although they like cleanliness and tidiness, they still include children and animals in their lives. If their dog makes a puddle on the carpet, then they will not be killed, but rather change the carpet. Honigman cites the late Queen Elizabeth II as an example. She was a Taurus and always kept dogs, even in the palace.

Kirsten also notes that this “hard-working and pragmatic sign knows exactly what it takes to be a responsible dog owner.” Taurus will first know everything about the breed that he wants to acquire, he will also not be impractical and will never take a dog if he lives in a one-room apartment. Taurus is aware of how big a responsibility it is to have a pet, so as soon as a new dog enters the house, it becomes part of the family forever.

Hypersensitive by nature, Cancers literally shower their pets with love and adoration, notes Kirsten. Also, Cancer may well take on a dog that no one else can handle. Caring for loved ones is in the blood of Cancers, so the pet will not need anything, the dog will have the best bedding, quality food, and regular check-ups at the veterinarian.

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