What zodiac signs have emotional problems

Emotional people are always ready to help a friend, lend their shoulder in a difficult situation, in a relationship they show care and sympathy. People who have problems with empathy do the opposite. They are withdrawn, aloof, and sometimes so cold that they hurt those around them. Astrologers have named six zodiac signs that have problems with emotions.

The six most unemotional zodiac signs

Virgos don’t think they have empathy problems, but they do such things with other people that you can’t help but believe that they deserved to be on this list.

“Through their critical thinking, these know-it-alls can set the world record for the fastest way to spot flaws, mistakes, and shortcomings in another person, and they’ll even suggest ways to fix them,” says astrologer Alice Alt. “More sensitive and emotional people may be put off by such a picky approach.”

However, the representatives of this sign are not as closed off as they seem, and if you need them to help with a task or assignment, they will instantly be on your doorstep.

“They need time to make sure their partner is reliable and won’t play with them,” she explains. Excessive pressure or an attempt to accelerate may cause them to run away.

One of the most famous traits of a Sagittarius is their unwavering positivity. “Sagittarians are not the type to have intimate conversations,” says astrologer Charlotte Kirsten. “Known for their blind optimism, fire archers prefer to stay away from anything that might provoke their deeper, darker feelings.”

Oddly enough, staying away from the emotional field is a protective measure for them. “They know that if they let their emotions overwhelm them, it will affect their adventurous and free-spirited nature,” says Kirsten. “So they will act cold for self-preservation.”

Unlike Sagittarius, Scorpio is the sign to call when you want to think, not when you want to have fun.

“Showing positive emotions is a real challenge for them,” says Alta. “They readily show their anger or jealousy, and feelings of tenderness are carefully hidden inside. Instead of complimenting someone they like, Scorpios are more likely to make a caustic remark.”

Capricorn expresses affection in his own way – he shows, not says. Capricorns show their feelings by saving money for a new home or a trip to the sea, Alta says. If the car of his soulmate breaks down and gets stuck on the road, the Capricorn superhero will immediately drop everything and rush to the rescue. But often these actions are not enough, especially for a partner who requires romance or emotional displays.

According to representatives of this zodiac sign, there are more important things than the feelings of other people. “Moved by the goals of humanism and social justice, these thinkers love more than anything to discuss grandiose plans, innovative schemes and unconventional strategies to transform society,” Kirsten says. “But when emotions, intuition and feelings are involved, Aquarius quickly turns the other way.”

If you come to them with an emotional crisis – say, admitting that you are immensely in love with them or need support, then they may turn away or act cold.

Chances are you know your Gemini friends are outgoing, curious, and exuberant. But when they are in a relationship, they can easily run away. The moment they feel like the relationship is getting serious, when they realize they need to open up and become vulnerable, they run away, Alta says. Gemini has many fears:

  • to be rejected
  • feel trapped
  • to be smothered by the love of another,
  • fear of hurting
  • hook up with the wrong person.

At a certain point, these fears take over and the Gemini runs away.

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