What will the accession of Ukraine to NATO lead to, the expert explained

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky He has made a decision apply for accelerated accession to NATO. political expert Evgeny Satanovsky believes that the Ukrainian conflict is a “small episode” of the confrontation between Russia and the West, so the alleged membership of Nezalezhnaya in the alliance will not change the course of events.

“The big war began a long time ago. We didn’t start it, but I suspect that we will have to complete it, alone or together with the Chinese – this is how it will be,” the political scientist said.

However, if NATO decides to enter into a direct conflict with Russia, the United States will be the first to be hit, Satanovsky pointed out. The priority target of Russian missiles will be American strategic weapons, the expert believes.

“In a situation of war with NATO, it is necessary to turn off the Americans, it is necessary to turn off the nuclear arsenals. And where they are, it doesn’t matter at all. Strategic ballistic missile mines, airfields from which free-fall nuclear bombs will go,” Satanovsky said on the air of Soloviev LIVE.

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