What will happen to the Russians who fled Russia due to partial mobilization?

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation announced that it is planned to mobilize the men who have gone abroad and are registered with the military.

For those who left Russia for a short time, summonses will be sent to the place of registration, and the men will receive them when they return home.

Russians who did not come to the draft board and deliberately avoid receipt of the agendawill be considered evaders subject to criminal prosecution, reports

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan, the country will extradite evaders to Russia, against whom a criminal case has been initiated. The rest of the Russians will be able to obtain political asylum in the republic.

Citizens of the Russian Federation who permanently live abroad and are not registered with the military will not be called up as part of partial mobilization.

Earlier, the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that since September 21, 98,000 Russians have entered the country. During this period, 250,000 people from the Russian Federation crossed the border with Georgia. Finland received 43,000 Russian citizens. Helsinki plans to close the border with the Russian Federation from September 30.

political scientist Alexander Barsukov believes that most men leave the country without having time to understand the essence of partial mobilization. The reason for the panic is understatement and misunderstanding, the expert believes.

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