What was not seen from the moment Luciano Pertossi asked to testify: a gesture, a look at his mother and a change of clothes

Luciano Pertossi is 21 years old
Luciano Pertossi is 21 years old

One hour and forty-five minutes had passed since the start of the ninth hearing of the trial for the crime of Fernando Baez Sosa when the unexpected happened. From the fourth chair in the second row of the defendants’ dock, Luciano Pertosi he gestured to his lawyer, Hugo Tomei. He had looked restless for a while. Seconds later, the defendant stood up and sat down in front of the Court.

I want to clarify something, shall I? I was not there”, assured the defendant before the watchful eye of the judges Maria Claudia Castro, Emiliano Lazzari Y Christian Rabaia.

He was the first of the eight defendants to speak throughout the process.

The trigger of Luciano Pertossi’s reaction was a video of the fight in the early morning of January 18, 2020 that was projected in the room.

The sequence, one of the least known of the case, is filmed from the sidewalk in front of Le Brique. It is seen what happens in the side, front and back of a gray car that was parked on Avenue Three. Minutes before, Yanina Cuenca, Agostina Matticoli, Ricardo Gabriel Pisoli and Andrés Bruzzese, PFA members specializing in forensic facial analysisthey had shown that video, but they had not identified Luciano Pertossi.

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It was time for the questions and the complaint, in charge of Fernando Burlando, Fabian and Facundo Amendola, He became insistent: they wanted the four experts to mark a person whose silhouette could be seen behind the car “gesturing”: “Of all those they identified, How many had a black shirt or upper garment?”.

The experts answered: “Lucas Pertossi, Luciano Pertossi and Máximo Thomsen.” The complaint continued: “Of those three, how many had long pants?” “Lucas and Luciano”, responded the experts. “Did anyone have a white mark on their shirt?” The lawyers continued.

After rewinding the sequence and enlarging the image frames, Cuenca, Matticoli, Pisoli, and Bruzzese identified someone with a dark black garment. “We didn’t get to determine much more,” they said. Mocking sought precision “Who was subject number eleven on slide 75, then? he asked, referring to the images that had previously been projected on the screen.

The PFA experts: Agustina Maticolli, Ricardo Gabriel Pisoli, Andrés Nicolás Bruzzese and Yanina Cuenca (Ezequiel Acuña)
The PFA experts: Agustina Maticolli, Ricardo Gabriel Pisoli, Andrés Nicolás Bruzzese and Yanina Cuenca (Ezequiel Acuña)

The back and forth between the complaint and the witnesses began to worry Luciano Pertossi. At that moment, the defendant gestured for his lawyer to approach him. Almost in tune, one of the experts answered the question of the complaint and threw his name into the air:

It’s Luciano Pertossi”.

Hugo Tomei He addressed the president of the Court. “(My defendant) wants to clarify something,” she said, referring to her assistance.

The atmosphere in the room became thick. There were murmurs. Several of those present stood up. No one wanted to miss what was about to happen.

Luciano Pertossi stood up and, for the first time since the debate started, he walked into the room without handcuffs. He took a few steps and sat down in front of TOC No. 1.

I want to clarify something, shall I? I came from that side, but I wasn’t there”, he assured. Shoulders down, chest in, voice nervous.

A few meters from the defendant, sitting on one of the wooden benches, his mother María Elena Cinalli raised his head. Your uncle Mark Pertossi, Lucas’s dad, too. His sister Emilywho also participates in his defense, opened his eyes.

The defendants' lawyers: Hugo Tomei and Emilia Pertossi, Luciano's sister
The defendants’ lawyers: Hugo Tomei and Emilia Pertossi, Luciano’s sister

“Where were you at that time?” the prosecutor asked. gustavo garcia. Pertossi, already a little firmer, replied: “I’m not going to make it clear to you. I’m not going to answer you.”

The prosecution lashed out: “Who is the person who was in front?” The defendant again evaded the answer. Visibly nervous, he said: “I’m not going to answer you.”

“Who is the person in black who is behind the car?” The complaint later insisted.

I don’t want to answer any other questions. don’t make an effort because I’m not going to answer anything else“, said.

In the middle of the round trip, the president of the Court, María Claudia Castro, asked to end the questions and requested to make it clear that the accused was not going to answer. “He already made it clear,” she maintained and called an intermediate room: it was 12:25.

Although it seemed short, Luciano Pertossi’s “clarification” lasted ten minutes. When he stood up, wearing a chinstrap, the defendant looked towards where his mother was and raised his eyebrows. Quickly, the staff of the Penitentiary Service put the handcuffs on him and removed him from the room along with the rest.

This Wednesday, Mauro Pertossi and María Elena Cinalli, the parents of Luciano Pertossi, visited him in the Dolores prison (Ezequiel Acuña)
This Wednesday, Mauro Pertossi and María Elena Cinalli, the parents of Luciano Pertossi, visited him in the Dolores prison (Ezequiel Acuña)

The hearing resumed at 12:40 p.m. The experts re-entered the room, as well as the accused.

In his turn, the lawyer Tomei went to the specialists in forensic facial analysis of the PFA and wanted to know with what precision they could ensure that the person they indicated was his client. Bruzzese replied:Presumably it’s Luciano. We cannot categorically guarantee it.”.

Luciano Pertossi is accused of “doubly aggravated homicide by treachery and by the premeditated cooperation of two or more people.” According to the investigating prosecutor, Veronica Zamboni, their participation in the attack was to “form a kind of cordon” (together with Ayrton Viollaz and Lucas Pertossi) to prevent Fernando Báez Sosa’s friends from being able to help him and, furthermore, they beat them several times. Therefore, the accusation includes the crime of minor injuries.

Based on the evidence exhibited this Thursday, the complaint wanted to locate Luciano Pertossi, also as the victim’s direct aggressor. Pertossi felt further cornered and asked for “clarification.” “I wasn’t there,” he said.

“We were all looking at a situation that was not correct and the possibility of clarifying it arose and it clarified it. It was a spontaneous statement. Protesting is a constitutional right”, Tomei maintained, after the word of his client.

Luciano Pertossi, the only one of the eight defendants who spoke at the trial (Ezequiel Acuña)
Luciano Pertossi, the only one of the eight defendants who spoke at the trial (Ezequiel Acuña)

Mocking, meanwhile, he maintained: “Pertossi’s participation in today’s diligence has not been happy. The only thing he does is confirm to me the position we have had since day one. He saw some weakness in that he couldn’t make out her face at the crime scene and tried to carry this alibi forward”.

And I add: “To say what he said, I would have kept him quiet. I didn’t even see him with a polite, noble attitude. That has to do with giving answers. Sometimes you want to save yourself. He interpreted, from his technical and legal ignorance, that he could be saved from savagery ”.

At 1:15 p.m., the Court again called an intermediate room. An hour and ten minutes later, Luciano Pertossi returned to the room. Although he returned to take a seat in the same chair, he no longer wore the same white sweater with which he had arrived from the prison: he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

The change of garment, assured from their environment to infobaeIt had to do with the nerves that happened.

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