What to expect after a month of death and change: astrologer Tatyana Lukashevich spoke about the hard surprises of August

The summer of 2022 turned out to be hot not only because of abnormally high temperatures, infernal heat, large-scale fires in the USA and Europe. Former Japanese prime minister assassinated in July Shinzo Abe, The former president of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled for almost forty years, the former president of the Philippines, Fidel Valdez Ramos, died. The main Russophobe and patron of Ukraine, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, have resigned. In Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), protesters seized the residence of President Gotabay Rajapaksa. He fled the country, sent a letter of resignation by e-mail. Incidentally, Gatabai is from an influential Ceylon family, his brother was also president. A state of emergency has been declared in the country.

The Pope himself admitted the other day that he may soon leave the throne in the Vatican. Due to failing health.

Relations between Beijing and Washington escalated in the last week of July. Because of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi, the third person in the American government. The lady, known for her anti-Chinese views, began a tour of Asian countries. And she was going to visit Taiwan in defiance of Beijing. Beijing considers this island to be Chinese territory, although it does not really control it. Chinese President Xi Jinping warned President Joe Biden by telephone that Washington must uphold the One China principle: “Those who play with fire will die from it.” Fire again! To reaffirm Comrade Xi’s determination, China held a live-fire military exercise near Taiwan on July 30. Not a single Nancy will fly by! Biden was forced to tell reporters that, according to the Pentagon, Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is “not the best idea at the moment.”

And on July 31, shooting began at the border Kosovo and Serbia. There are barricades! Another hot spot…

Biden himself picked up covid the other day. August meets in quarantine. Notorious Chubais, who left Russia in March, and ended up in the intensive care unit of a European clinic with Guillain-Barré syndrome. He suddenly became ill, his arms and legs began to take away.

The first three victims outside the “dark continent” were claimed these days by African monkeypox: in India, Brazil, and Spain. Since mid-May, the disease, which mainly affects gay men, has spread to more than 70 countries outside of Africa. Over 22 thousand sick! The states are in the lead – 4906, Spain – 4298, Germany – 2595, England – 2546, France – 1955. In Russia, one patient who became infected in Portugal.

I am silent about the energy crisis, which has become global. The average gas price on the stock exchange in Europe rose by almost 50 percent in July. And this, according to analysts, is not the limit.

– I warned you in the past. forecast on KP.RU: “Do not look for adventures on your head in July,” says astrologer Tatyana Lukashevich, book author “Your best horoscope”, published by the Komsomolskaya Pravda publishing house.

– The beginning of July was marked by the intense interaction of Mars and Pluto – two planets responsible for crisis situations, military actions, and other cataclysms. Then there was a full moon in Capricorn in conjunction with the same Pluto, the opposition of the Sun and Pluto. At the very end of the month, militant Mars connected with Uranus and the North karmic node, which also led to increased military activity and other problems. That’s how it all happened. The death of Shinzo Abe and Jose dos Santos, the resignations of the prime ministers of England and Italy, the flight of the President of Sri Lanka occurred on the opposition of the Sun and Pluto.

Similar news can be expected in August. Well-known politicians are leaving, the era is gradually changing, and we are at the starting point of these changes.

– An era is an era, Tatyana, but August has come. The last month of summer in our country is a symbol of a mystical curse, upheavals, disasters and terrorist attacks. Although those born in the USSR did not know about the “black August”. Neither historically nor statistically confirmed that in terms of the number of difficult, fatal events in Russia, August has always been in first place.

In fact, the horror story about the thousand-year curse of “black August” over Russia was launched by Yeltsin’s political technologists, led by Gleb Pavlovsky, in the 90s. To divert the attention of “dear Russians” from the real “black October”. The sooty White House, which was shot in 1993 on Yeltsin’s orders, became its symbol. “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with figures and facts in detail debunked this myth.

Last year, for example, August was calm for Russians. But “black” – for Biden, Johnson. American, British soldiers, their NATO allies then fled from Afghanistan in a panic.

But as before, at the end of July, various analysts, political scientists are terrifying the citizens of Russia about the terrible August. And we believe, we are afraid. What are the stars saying?

– This August will not be fatal for Russia. But the July tension will remain on the planet.

The first days of the month promise to be filled with unexpected events, when passions lead to emotional decisions. Someone will leave our environment. Analyze, do you have a situation in your life that is on the verge of an explosion? By the way, the explosions can be real.

The full moon on August 12 will add resignations and departures of political leaders for various reasons. Difficult times will begin with developers, in the banking sector, currency jumps are possible. But one can also expect scientific discoveries in the field of new technologies, medicine, communications.

There may be news regarding new strains of coronavirus that you so want to forget about.

Military activity will intensify. This may be related to aviation or rocket launchers. In the second half of August, it is better to reduce air travel or use only reliable airlines.

The new moon on August 27 will occur in the sign of Virgo, famous for its prudence. And this is good news. After all, the point of the new moon will interact in a precise tense aspect with Mars, which on August 20 will move into the sign of Gemini, further intensifying the information war. I hope Virgo will allow a little bit to cool the ardor of Mars, since Gemini is a sign not only of information, but also of air. And here again there is a disturbing thought about military operations in the airspace. Puff, puff, puff! I hope the power of reason and common sense will win. Nevertheless, Mars makes a tense aspect with the Sun throughout the last ten days of August, heating up the already tense situation in the world.


And now for the dates in more detail. Do not forget that the aspect begins to act from 3-5 days before the exact date of interaction, with the exception of aspects of the Moon.

August 1-3 – the conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the karmic knot Rahu, Venus sextile Mars Uranus and the karmic knot Rahu create the possibility of unpredictable situations, fires, explosions, accidents, communication problems, aviation.

August 4 – Mercury enters Virgo. Logical thinking is enhanced, any learning process is much easier. A good period for systematizing information, putting things in order in documents, communicating with relatives and neighbors.

August 6 – Moon in opposition to Mars. A day of increased conflict and accidents. Scheduled surgeries are not recommended.

August 7-9 – Mars square Saturn creates obstacles in business, increases cruelty, injuries, stubbornness, problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Venus opposing Pluto and Venus trine Neptune brings to the fore partnerships when, enchanted by a loved one, we strive to achieve his favor at any cost. The risks of sexual violence, manipulation of a partner, fanatical love are increasing.

In the financial sector, there is a danger of large financial losses.

August 10-11 – Sun square karmic nodes and Uranus may bring unexpected news concerning famous people.

August 11 – Venus moves into Leo, increasing the desire for luxury. Novels flare up quickly, run brightly, but can also cool off quickly. Increased creativity, craving for theater, concerts, exhibitions. I want to spend time in beautiful and expensive places, go on bright and expensive trips.

August 12 – Moon square Mars, full moon in Aquarius. Day of increased injuries and accidents. Be careful driving any vehicle.

August 14 – Mars trine Pluto will help you get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. Favorable for the manifestation of super efforts, holding sports events, taking initiatives.

The Sun in opposition to Saturn promotes the resignation of the highest ranks of power.

August 15-16 Mercury trine Uranus. Favorable for intellectual work, scientific discoveries, air travel, learning, meeting interesting people.

August 19 – Moon conjunct Mars. A day of increased conflict and accidents. Scheduled surgeries are not recommended.

August 20 – Mars enters Gemini. There is a need for business travel. However, there are problems with vehicles, the accident rate on the roads is increasing. In dealing with the closest relatives and neighbors, it is necessary to observe courtesy, otherwise conflict situations may arise.

August 21 – Mercury in opposition to Neptune leads to nervous breakdowns, a tendency to lie, idle chatter, gossip, inattention. This aspect also brings difficulties in communication, training, travel, deceit. If you need to sign any documents, check them very carefully.

August 22 – Mercury trine Pluto. Favorable for public speaking, as it enhances the gift of persuasion and the ability to understand the motivations of other people. The day is also successful for holding negotiations with representatives of government agencies, signing bank agreements, and applying to the tax office.

August 23 – Sun enters Virgo. What helps to return to the working and learning process. It is good to undergo medical examinations, to deal with specific household and financial problems.

August 25-27 – Uranus turns retrograde, Sun square Mars, square Venus, Uranus and karmic knots. All this creates unforeseen situations regarding partnerships. Financial losses, currency fluctuations, the danger of killing famous people, plane crashes. Military tension is on the rise.

August 26 – Mercury enters Libra. This helps in any negotiation processes, enhances fairness and prudence. It will be much easier to find compromise solutions and a common language with other people.

August 27 – Moon square Mars, new moon in Virgo square Mars, Venus in opposition to Saturn. The day is very emotional and traumatic. Scheduled surgeries are not recommended. Be careful driving.

August 28 – Venus in opposition to Saturn causes a state of dissatisfaction in love, separation, difficulties in the love sphere, hardness of heart, jealousy, a sense of ownership, a tendency to use a partner to solve their material problems.

August 31 – Mercury in trine with Mars helps in car travel, if necessary, quickly do intellectual work.

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