What to do with the Russians who escaped the draft when they return?

Partial mobilization frightened certain Russians so much that they flee from it to other countries, trying not to get into the NVO zone.

And then what to do with the departed Russians when they return?

To this question in a conversation with Pravda. Ru answered political scientist Ilya Belous.

“If we are talking about those who went, avoiding mobilization, then this issue needs to be considered from several angles. First side. Why do we need them to come back? Do we need it? People who are not motivated to fight, how useful they will be at the forefront among those who are now doing it motivated and professionally,” the expert said.

Secondly, according to him, “more subtle measures” can be considered in relation to these citizens, for example, to deprive them of some of their rights in the future: not to elect deputies or to prohibit them from becoming officials.

And if people ran away who incited various destructive activities here and organized various rallies, it is unlikely that any of them have a chance to return at all now. Since criminal cases have been opened against some of them, the analyst noted.

He stressed that the most important thing is to call on those who want and know how. People who have combat experience and are really motivated.

“Look at the reports from many military registration and enlistment offices in Chechnya, in Belgorod, in other cities. There, people go to the military enlistment office as a demonstration. Therefore, let’s take all those who are eager, have military experience in the first place, because this will be a fighter of a completely different level “, Whitebeard is convinced.

But if there is a total war, then we will all join the army without any questions, the political scientist summed up

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