What to do with garbage in the country

Garbage in the country is a sore subject for many summer residents, especially during the off-season. Since stationary landfills are most often far away, and it is not always possible to transport garbage by car, it gradually accumulates on the site, spoiling the view and mood. How can you try to solve the garbage problem with minimal effort?

The main trick: implementing sorting

Despite the fact that in most European countries they successfully use separate removal and sorting of garbage, this technology has not yet reached us. What does not prevent you from trying it out: just start neatly sorting the garbage into categories. More on these key categories below.

organic garbage

Organic garbage has one property that is pleasant for summer residents: it decomposes in the ground. So to replenish compost and reduce the total amount of garbage, you should simply throw organic matter into a separate bucket. It will take a minimum of time and effort, but it will greatly simplify the cleaning of debris, and the bucket without organic matter will smell less.

Glass and metal waste

For the disposal of glass and metal, it is worth remembering the experience of Soviet generations, namely: delivery to recycling centers. Of course, it is not always possible to quickly get to such a point, but glass with iron does not accumulate much at a time, but to allocate a few days per season and go for disposal (and pay for the delivered waste) to the collection point is quite within the power of almost all summer residents. In this matter, cooperation with neighbors will be useful, and the money received will be a pleasant bonus when paying for a summer cottage “communal”.

Film, plastic, bags

Although this type of garbage takes up little space, it tends to accumulate due to the fact that there is nowhere to hand it over for processing, and it cannot be burned or buried. It is recommended to take such garbage to landfills, and in the future, make sure that when traveling to the country, food and things are packed either in reusable, or in paper, or in degradable (marked with green arrows) bags.

Construction garbage

To paraphrase a well-known proverb: “What Russian does not like construction in the country?” The love of completing construction of various outbuildings or floors is in the heart of every self-respecting summer resident, and the “fruits” of this love are construction debris. Our recommendation in this regard is simple: everything is in business! Broken brick, for example, will come in handy for fans of alpine slides, gravel is suitable for strengthening paths – there are a lot of variations.

In this simple way, you will save time and energy that can be spent on more pleasant things: for example, relaxing with your favorite book or going to the beach. And most importantly, without significant material costs.

How do I dispose of various waste in the country

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