What to do when an accident occurs, and the culprit does not have OSAGO?

When driving a car, force majeure situations or, even worse, accidents can happen to anyone. To simplify the system of recovery of damages in road accidents, compulsory OSAGO insurance was introduced. But what to do in a situation where a person got into a traffic accident, and the culprit does not have insurance? Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Based on statistical data, at the moment, every fifth motorist does not have an OSAGO policy, therefore, in the event of an emergency, some problems arise. Previously, for the lack of insurance, traffic police officers could remove the numbers from the car and send it to the impound, but now the punishment for this offense is a fine of 500 to 800 rubles. Therefore, some car owners relaxed and stopped buying insurance.

In a situation where an accident occurred, and the culprit did not issue OSAGO, it makes no sense to run to an insurance organization. Here you will have to figure it out on your own, for example, to recover money for the damage caused from the culprit through the court.

As soon as an accident occurs, you must immediately call the traffic police to fix the accident. Along with this, you should find out the passport data of the culprit of the incident. In some cases, the guilty party offers to resolve the issue on the spot, and here it is worth remembering that words do not mean anything, you always need to take a receipt indicating the reason for the payment.

Further, after registration of an accident, you should contact an independent examination so that they calculate the cost of repair work. Upon completion of the inspection, the specialist will issue an appropriate conclusion, which will become the basis for recovering damages.

After the above steps, the victim has several options for resolving the issue.

The first of them is the execution of a pre-trial claim, when the documents are sent to the perpetrator, and he himself decides whether to voluntarily make payments or express disagreement with the verdict.

Based on statistics, most often the perpetrators of an accident do not accept the conditions put forward, and the injured party has to go to court. It is mandatory to hire a lawyer, it is quite difficult to prove the truth on your own.

As soon as the guilty party receives a subpoena, basically always, she goes to the world and reimburses all the costs of car repairs. However, if this does not happen, you need to prepare for repeated trips to court, and the consideration of the case may drag on for several months.

In a situation where the court sided with the victim and decided to recover the necessary amount from the culprit, the defendant can make the payment himself or, at the request of the victim, bailiffs will deal with this case. This is one of the most effective ways to influence debtors who, under the fear of seizing a car, compensate for the damage.

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