What to do if the windows in the car sweat

One of the problems that motorists face is the problem of fogging windows. What is the reason and what should be done to restore visibility?

High air humidity

If the car is standing for a long time without movement, the cabin air humidity is equalized with the street one. When a person gets into a car, he fills the interior of the car with moist air from his breath. Drops of water settle on the cold glass, creating a thin veil.

When it rains, this problem becomes more significant. Very often, the windows sweat so that visibility is almost completely absent. But the problem is easily solved by turning on the blower of the car heater on the windows. Visibility will be restored in minutes.

If the car is equipped with air conditioning, it is better to turn it on. It will eliminate the problem of fogging much faster than the stove. Blowing is best directed to the windshield.

It happens that the cause of fogging of glasses is only high humidity. In this case, it is recommended to use special formulations to prevent fogging. They are presented in the form of a spray, which is easily applied to the glass and brings a long-lasting effect.

Wet mats

The problem of wet car mats, which cause an increase in humidity, should be considered separately. Try to find the cause of moisture getting on them. There is a possibility that water enters the cabin due to worn door seals or glass seals. If so, a replacement will be required.

Another reason is a leaky heater core. With such a problem, the glass is covered with a greasy film consisting of coolant particles. This film can only be removed with a special glass cleaner.

The driver, noticing the fogging of the glass, usually directs a stream of air at it. But, if the coolant leaks, fogging will only increase. A similar symptom will indicate a malfunction. Also, if the driver’s radiator leaks, antifreeze smudges can be found under the mat. In this case, the radiator must be replaced.

For prevention, you need to ventilate the car interior a couple of times a year by opening all machine doors and the trunk. In this state, the car must be left for a day. Thus, you will dry the entire interior.

Dirty cabin filter

A dirty cabin filter is also often the cause of fogging of the windows. During the summer season, a lot of garbage gets into it. During the first rains, the filter becomes damp and ceases to perform its function. Because of this, the air in the cabin becomes humid and dirty.

The problem can be solved by replacing the filter. It is recommended to use a carbon filter, as it does a better job of cleaning the air.

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