What to check and change depending on the mileage of the car

This article will be useful to those people who like to plan everything in advance and live clearly, following the plan in the diary. In life, this habit of planning in advance is very useful. And, of course, car maintenance is no exception. Alas, owning a car is not just pouring fuel into it and driving around.

The machine requires care and regular maintenance. Sometimes car owners complain that at one moment everything fell at once: the work on servicing the car has ended, a new problem appears that needs to be solved. To avoid this, you need to make a clear plan and write down everything that needs to be done with the car, depending on the mileage that it has passed. Such a list will not only avoid the problems associated with forgetfulness, but also allow you to do everything gradually, which will not take much time and save money.

Liquid power steering

As for the fluids in the car, it is important to constantly monitor their level. And if there is a reason for topping them up, this should be done using the liquid of the brand that was used before. As for the power steering fluid, it does not need to be replaced, but it is advisable to check its level once every two months.

Rechargeable battery

Many people completely forget that there is a battery under the hood. And they remember this only when, to the surprise of the motorist, the car stops starting. Of course, this is not such an element of the car as, for example, oil. But the battery also needs to be changed from time to time. If we take the average indicators and the quality of the battery itself, it usually lasts three to five years. Or withstand a run of forty to eighty thousand. Approximately in this period of time it is necessary to prepare for changing the battery. That is, if some problems begin during this period of time or at such a mileage, this is a signal that the battery needs to be changed.

Fluid in automatic box

The procedure for changing the oil in an automatic box is not very complicated. Sometimes the vehicle specification states that the oil in the box is rated for the lifetime of the vehicle. But this is not entirely true. This indicator only says that in Europe the car is designed for five years and a mileage of one hundred and fifty thousand. So the oil still needs to be changed. This must be done infrequently. There are no general recommendations, so you need to find out for yourself when and at what mileage you need to change the oil in your particular car. You can do this on the Internet on public pages dedicated to your car model.

Fuel filter

One of the most important elements of the car is the fuel filter. And if we proceed from the fact that the quality of domestic fuel leaves much to be desired, then the filter is a necessary and extremely useful thing. He is on guard so that various debris does not get into the engine and does not force the owner to pay big money for its repair. It is advisable to change the fuel filter every two years or after the car has covered thirty thousand kilometers.

How often do you replace consumables in a car?

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