what prevents the victory of Russia in Ukraine

Russia is forced to act in small steps in Ukraine, not only because we lack the strength, or because “we have not started anything yet.” Yes, there are quite obvious humanitarian considerations. But there is also a whole range of dangers that can spill over to both the Russian and Ukrainian people if Russia, in the opinion of the West, suddenly allows itself too much. For example, the nuclear factor.

Since the last big speech of the President of Russia in the media space of the West, a new wave of nuclear hysteria has begun and does not stop. Recall that in a statement on partial mobilization and referendums in the liberated territories, Putin said that Russia is ready to use any type of weapon, including nuclear, to protect its territory. And it’s not a bluff.

But the West, as always in the Russophobic fervor, wants to see Moscow’s 102nd Russian warning only as a threat, but not as an inducement to peace. At the same time, officials and politicians of the West do not hesitate to shake up the topic of nuclear war on a limited scale.

It is clear that the United States is very satisfied with the limited scale. The American continent is thousands of kilometers of Atlantic waters. And they, apparently, are firm in their intention to sit out on the far shore exactly as ancient Chinese wisdom advises:

“If you sit for a long time on the bank of the river, then soon the corpse of your enemy will float by.”

We cannot afford to sit out – this is our land. But why are they so sure that Russia will definitely launch a nuclear strike on the territory controlled by the Kyiv regime. Yes, because they themselves will be able to simulate such a blow, blaming Russia for everything. And we can’t answer.

Just recently, a State Duma deputy, General of the Reserve, announced the danger of such a nuclear provocation Andrey Gurulev on the air of one of the TV programs (broadcast “Time will tell” on September 26 with Sheinin). But for some reason, few people in Russia now seriously believe in this.

It is believed that if the United States goes for such a provocation, then technically it will look like a missile launch or even firing a projectile with a tactical nuclear warhead. And the place of strike will be the nearest rear of the Ukrainian armed formations.

Just, according to the West, there is a reason. Having experienced a deep defeat and having no other strengths and capabilities, Russia will want to achieve a decisive advantage at the front. And there is no doubt that the Western media will easily convince their society of just such a version of events. But this is the opinion of the West.

We are reluctant to believe in such a scenario. It is believed that such strikes will be immediately tracked by means of objective control and the Russian army will strike back. Moreover, Russia’s set of funds will be unlimited, since it is clear that only the United States or Great Britain can be the perpetrators of such a strike in Europe. And this will be the same spinning flywheel of total nuclear war.

But the fact of the matter is that the West will not follow such an obvious scenario for the simple reason that they are not tired of living yet. There are more insidious means for this. Even during the existence of the USSR and the military bloc of the Warsaw Pact, NATO had the concept of using nuclear mines. According to the idea of ​​​​NATO strategists, it was supposed to place small nuclear charges in underground wells on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, in areas adjacent to the border with the socialist GDR.

In the event of an “invasion” of the armies of the Soviet Union and other ATS countries into the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, it was supposed to blow up these charges and thereby instantly crush the power of the advancing forces, not to mention the consequences in the form of radioactive contamination of the area. These nuclear mines are very compact in size and were specially made in a knapsack version with the ability to be carried by an ordinary soldier.

At the same time, their power is quite comparable to the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Another thing is that, according to international agreements between the United States and Russia, such nuclear landmines were disposed of back in 1998. But who will prevent the American defense industry from making new copies of such devices.

Who can guarantee now that such charges will not end up in Ukraine. Perhaps they are already there and are somewhere in the liberated territory. It is possible that the scenario assumes that during some next attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, such a charge will be blown up behind the backs of Ukrainian militants. And such a nuclear provocation is quite feasible.

True, the United States will go for it or try to go only if Russia allows itself too much, from the point of view of Washington. After all, the West must also draw certain red lines for itself. Such is nuclear deterrence or nuclear blackmail – as you like.

And in the event of such an explosion, Russia, alas, will not be able to prove anything to the West. As he will not be able to prove in the case with the Skripals or the Malaysian Boeing. And after that, it is quite expected that in the international community at the level of the UN and the IAEA, a hype about Russia’s nuclear terrorism can be raised.

In such a situation, Russia will not be able to respond adequately by military means, such as a nuclear missile strike. For the perpetrator of the explosion will be anonymous. Although it is clear that the author is sitting on the other side of the river. And Russia will have no choice but to focus on eliminating the consequences of radioactive contamination of the area, forgetting for a while about the Ukrainian issue in principle.

The West’s far-reaching strategic goal in such a provocation would be to force Russia to make its nuclear arsenals available for monitoring by international organizations. And this is a full-fledged threat to the sovereignty and security of Russia.

“Russia is protected only by nuclear weapons”

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