What payments can mobilized Russians expect?

Citizens of the Russian Federation called up for military service as part of partial mobilization are promised substantial payments.

The salary of a contract serviceman in the Russian Federation consists of two parts. The first is a payment according to military rank – from 5,794 rubles for a private to 25,490 rubles for a lieutenant general. The second component is more significant – it is a payment for a military specialty with bonuses for special conditions, including the risk of military service. Additional payments are due for the destruction of enemy equipment – from 100 thousand rubles and the seizure of weapons – up to 1 million rubles.

Formerly Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Yuri Shvytkin denied the information that in Russia mobilize all people “indiscriminately”.

Ordinary military personnel, in the aggregate of all conditions, can receive about 160 thousand rubles a month, and lieutenants – more than 200 thousand.

In the event of a minor injury, a serviceman receives 74,211 rubles; in case of a severe injury, an insurance payment in the amount of 296,846 rubles is due. Those declared unfit for service due to injury will receive 2,968,464 rubles – the same amount is provided as insurance payment in case of death.

According to the Ekonomika Segodnya publication, military families are also entitled to payments when they are injured or killed. In case of injury during the SVO, a payment of 3 million rubles is provided, and in case of death – 5 million rubles.

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