What medicines are currently in short supply due to sanctions

Doctors told what medicines are now lacking due to sanctions

Doctors told what medicines are now lacking due to sanctions

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Are you experiencing a shortage of any medications? Do your patients report difficulty finding their prescribed drugs? Is there a shortage of medicines for beneficiaries? Such questions were asked to doctors by specialists of the distance learning service for medical workers The survey was conducted from June 3 to 10, 1084 health workers from all federal districts of the Russian Federation took part in it.

Two-thirds of the respondents (64.54%) answered that from time to time there are interruptions in the availability of certain groups of medicines. Among these drugs are various hormonal, anticonvulsant, as well as antibiotics and insulin. Every fifth doctor (20.5%) reported that there are enough drugs, no shortage is felt.

Patients themselves periodically complain to their doctors that they cannot find the drugs prescribed to them in pharmacies. More than half of the surveyed health workers (55.63%) have recently encountered this. Just over 20% of respondents stated that patients often talk about such problems. About 23% of doctors did not receive complaints about difficulties in finding prescribed drugs.

Also, more than a quarter of survey participants (26.15%) do not observe a shortage of drugs for beneficiaries. At the same time, more than half (61.54%) of the surveyed health workers said that they face a shortage of certain drugs for beneficiary categories of patients.

– As we can see, four months after the introduction of external restrictions, doctors faced some shortages in important groups of drugs. This indicates the need for the rapid development of our own pharmaceutical industry and large-scale investments in this industry, – noted, commenting on the results of the survey for, CEO of Igor Stepanyukov.


There will be enough drugs for beneficiaries for 6-9 months

In Russia, a stock of medicines has been created for beneficiaries and stationary institutions (hospitals). About it informed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) First Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Viktor Fisenko. According to him, the drugs should be enough for 6-9 months. At the same time, the Russian pharmaceutical industry is capable of producing about 80% of the entire range from the list of vital drugs, according to the Ministry of Health.

Previously Head of Roszdravnadzor Alla Samoilova assured that there is no shortage of any medicines in the country now. “All medicines are available in sufficient quantities for both inpatients and outpatients,” Samoilova said in an interview.Izvestia“. Temporary interruptions in certain positions are possible due to difficulties in logistics, she explained. In particular, the speed of customs clearance at the border of Poland and Belarus, as well as at the Baltic borders, has decreased.


If you cannot find the drug you need in a pharmacy, please contact the Roszdravnadzor hotline: 8(800)550-99-03.

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