What made the actor Smolyaninov declare his readiness to “fight for the Armed Forces of Ukraine”: the ins and outs of the vile statement were revealed

Nikolai Burlyaev explained what made the actor Smolyaninov declare his readiness to fight for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Nikolai Burlyaev explained what made the actor Smolyaninov declare his readiness to fight for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

The statements of the star of the “9th company” Artur Smolyaninov are discussed by the entire Russian public. If earlier he positioned himself as an “apolitical” patriot who loves the country and does not want to leave, now the artist said that he was ready to kill Russian soldiers and would not mind if the country will turn into nuclear ashes. Many of the actor’s colleagues missed it. But some were not afraid to answer the actor who went to another country for a gesheft. KP contacted People’s Artist of Russia Nikolai Burlyaev.

“If these are really his words, then this is not only a betrayal of his fatherland and insanity, which did not arise yesterday in the inflamed brain of an artist, but this is a spit in the direction of a country that has rebelled against world Satanism,” considers Burlyaev. – As the President of Russia very correctly defined. What is Russia fighting for now? It is simply impossible not to understand this. If a person is devoted to the fatherland. The country is in danger, fighting against Satanism. And I feel sorry for this artist – charming in his own way – he starred a lot in our country. But he signs his sentence with these remarks. For eternity.

Will they take him back?

And he won’t be needed there either. Like all our departed colleagues. For a long time, no one needs them there. Right now, while they are spitting in the direction of the Fatherland, which the Western world is trying to cancel, they are being listened to. They seem to be in demand and interesting. And then they will be treated like Russian Jews in exile. They are treated there like Russians – second-class. Russians are not needed anywhere except Russia. At different times in different countries people said the same thing about our country: the salvation of Russia is the salvation of the world, the death of Russia is the death of the world. This must be understood.

– You accurately noted that such an opinion about the country could not be formed momentarily. It turns out that Arthur Smolyaninov, who played the Russian military more than once, just did it with a fig in his pocket? Despising both the army and the country.

– Although one of my professions is an actor, I am very critical of actors and acting. And for a long time already. Because I know the value of actors and acting. The price of the fact that artists play other people’s roles, tune in to someone else’s energy and miss their own lives. Actors are very suggestible people, they depend on directing. So now [неудивительно, что] someone has fallen under the direction of Satan. What to do? This is their tragedy.


What to do with Russian cultural figures who betrayed our country?

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