What kind of watch does Vladimir Putin have and how much does it cost

Vladimir Putin at events began to appear in a new watch

Vladimir Putin at events began to appear in a new watch

A photo: EAST NEWS

In general, most people know watches of the Imperial Peterhof factory (IPF) under the Raketa brand. By the way, they are still being made. The plant near St. Petersburg is the last one that produces mechanisms entirely from Russian parts. Even the springs (considered the most difficult part) are ours. That is why the new “Rockets” in stores are an order of magnitude more expensive than all other former Soviet brands. Making your own is more expensive than buying from China.

Here the journalists noticed that Vladimir Putin at the events began to appear in the new hours. And not the usual Swiss, but Russian! On the president’s hand is a special IPF model made to order. In the new watch, the head of the country was at a meeting with the leaders of the State Duma, during a trip to Tehran and beyond.

Press Secretary of the watch factory Antonina Skurydina told more about the presidential model.

– Every watch is different. We have a configurator site where you can assemble your own model from different parameters, – Antonina explained.

Main feature: gasket between case and mechanism. Usually it is made of metal and hidden under a lid. And ours figured out how to make a designer highlight out of this detail. The gasket is cut from colored stone and can be seen under glass. If you choose carnelian, the gasket will be red, dumortierite will be blue, and so on.

Judging by the photographs, Putin liked snow obsidian. It is almost completely black with small white blotches .. And in the pictures the presidential clock just looks completely black (well, as far as you can see them from afar).

– The case is made only of gold – it can be ordinary yellow, white or pink, – listed Skurydina.

Again, judging by the photo, the head of the country chose a white shade.

The dial can be two colors: black or white. The back wall is glass so that the mechanism can be seen. All straps are crocodile leather.

But the mechanisms for all custom models are the same. Accuracy -5/+10 seconds per day. Automatic winding. The power reserve should be enough for 40 hours. Only three arrows – no windows for you with the date or stopwatches.

Well, the main question is: how much would a watch like this cost? At the factory, they first diplomatically answered that the price is different in each case. The client must choose, and then comes the evaluation. And information about completed orders is not disclosed …

– Okay, the price starts from a million rubles, – they admitted at the plant, when we completely tortured them with questions.

About 40 of these watches have been produced so far. A new model is made when an order comes in.


For many years the President wore Swiss Blancpain Leman Aqualung Grande Date and sometimes – IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVII. Their style, by the way, is the same as that of the new Russian ones. Moderately sized white metal case, military black dial, Arabic numerals and black strap.

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