What killed Pierre Narcisse at 45: The doctor warned of a dangerous chain of diseases

A nephrologist described the danger of kidney disease suffered by Pierre Narcisse

A nephrologist described the danger of kidney disease suffered by Pierre Narcisse

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The singer died in one of the clinics near Moscow Pierre Narcisse. It is known that he lay down in order to take a course of droppers. The artist was worried about gout, he suffered from kidney failure and asthma. During the treatment, it turned out that the musician also had heart problems. The star was 45 years old. With a height of 1.8 meters, he weighed more than 100 kg. This is above the norm. asked nephrologist of the “Israeli clinic of Hadassah” Anna Korobkina to tell how dangerous the diseases that bothered the artist are.

– The inevitable chain – cardiorenal syndrome. This is when the insufficiency of one organ – the heart or kidneys – inevitably leads to dysfunctions of another. For people with kidney disease, cardiovascular complications are the number one cause of death. In addition, persistent high blood pressure is a frequent companion of kidney failure, – said Anna Korobkina

1) A common cause of death in kidney failure is hyperkalemia – an increase in the level of potassium in the blood. It is 99% excreted by the kidneys. If their function is impaired, potassium accumulates in the body. This can lead to cardiac arrest.

2) In other cases of death, the cause is non-compliance – this is when the patient is simply not treated. The main treatment for chronic kidney disease is strict adherence to the diet. First of all, the restriction of protein products: meat, fish, cottage cheese. Not completely eliminated, but there are as many as the kidneys are able to “process”.

The product of protein breakdown is urea. It’s a toxin that the kidneys are supposed to rid us of. When there is impaired kidney function, urea accumulates in the body, leading to intoxication, high blood pressure, headaches, and a condition that can lead to death.

– We do not know whether Pierre Narcisse carefully followed the recommendations of the attending physicians on nutrition, although this is the basis of therapy. Considering the artist’s lifestyle – performances, tours, schedule – it is difficult to strictly follow the recommendations, – added Anna Korobkina.

The nephrologist advises to closely monitor high blood pressure. If you have arterial hypertension, you should definitely take a biochemical blood test for creatinine, urea, uric acid and a general urine test to find out about the state of kidney function.


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