What is the best mobile operator in the country

the signature oklededicated to network intelligence and connectivity information, recognized the operator WOM with the prize speed test for your mobile network speed during the third and fourth quarters of 2022.

Based on the results, the operator achieved a speed score of 15.23, with average download speeds of 15.23 Mbps (Megabit per second) and average upload speeds of 11.38 Mbps.

Followed by WOM the operator was located you which has an average download speed of 14.85 Mbps, Clear took third place with (13.12 Mbps) and fourth position went to Movistar (9.45Mbps).

”The Speedtest Awards are an exclusive nomination reserved for the fastest and highest performing mobile and fixed broadband operators around the world,” noted, Doug Suttles, CEO of okla.

The awards speed test They are defined by a score that incorporates each mobile provider’s measure of upload and download speeds to rank network speed performance.

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Recovered from: @womcolombia
Recovered from: @womcolombia

oklaworld leader in intelligence of information networks related to connectivity in the country, recognized WOM as the fastest mobile network and the best rated in Colombia for the third and fourth quarters of the 2022.

So that okla In order to deliver the award, an analysis of tests and speed ratings related by users to the main operators in the country were generated: WOM, Tigo, Claro and Movistar.

The results confirmed that the operator WOM obtained the fastest mobile speeds and the best score in relation to customer satisfaction during the period in Colombia.

Gonzalo Veas, VP of Technology WOMreferred to the arrival of the operator in the country and the work carried out by the company to meet the needs of users. “It is a pleasure for us to receive, in less than two years of operation, recognition as the fastest mobile network and the best valued by users in Colombia.”

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He also added, ‘“This fact confirms the effort that WOM has made to build our own state-of-the-art network and is the result of the work of 2,900 WOMers who are committed to changing the rules and delivering more to our users every day.”

The operator WOM arrived in the country in April 2021, currently, it is positioned as the fourth operator with the highest coverage in the country in more than 721 municipalities in Colombia and exceeding the 2.5 million users, the company belongs to the international investment fund Novator. Its name derives from the English acronym for Word of Mouth, which means ‘mouth to mouth’ and represents the ‘want to talk’ as their motto “Best telephony paying fair”has become one of the most important telecommunications companies in recent years.

One of the arguments why consumers have switched to operator It is because the company manages competitive rates compared to brands already established in the country and, in turn, offers high quality services, reaching the market in a dynamic way.

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