what is the advantage of modernized MLRS

The upgraded Tornado-G and Tornado-S multiple launch rocket systems will make it possible to win faster in the Northern Military District.

This was reported by a military analyst Yuri Knutov.

“Tornado-G” is a well-known and modernized multiple launch rocket system. That machine, which should replace the Russian Grads, the expert noted in an interview with Vechernyaya Moskva.

He also singled out a number of significant changes: missile launch and crews have been improved, the fire control system has been upgraded, and the chassis has been improved.

MLRS range “Tornado-G” – up to 40 km, which improves the performance of “Grad”, and the accuracy of fire of the novelty is better. These MLRS are more profitable to use if the enemy is concentrated in one area.

“Tornado-S” differs from type “G” in that it has the ability to individually guide each missile to the target. Similar to what is used on American HIMARS systems, when each missile is guided independently,” Knutov said.

The observer noted a number of advantages: the use of GLONASS, obtaining coordinates and guiding missiles in auto mode, as well as the rapid folding and deployment of a jet system.

The range of Tornado-S is already up to 120 km, and the destruction efficiency is no worse than that of HIMARS.

“The more of these types of weapons there are at the front, the sooner victory will be won,” the expert summed up.

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