What is known about the billboards with apologies to Laura that appeared in CDMX

(Photo: Twitter/AntonioDelgadoD)
(Photo: Twitter/AntonioDelgadoD)

In the last few hours, users on social networks have viralized images of spectacular placed at various points in the Mexico City. But it is not about propaganda for some political candidate, or advertising for a movie, but rather a dedication to a person who responds to the name of Laura.

These advertisements with a white background and only black letters are located on the main avenues of the capital, such as Periférico Sur, and apparently have the objective of apologize for alleged infidelity.

“Laura: I stayed at the hotel so I wouldn’t drive at night”; “Forgive me, Laura I was an idiot”; “Laura: she and I are just friends, believe me, please” or “Laura: Can you unblock me? I need to talk with you”is read in the phrases of spectacular sayings.

Even with the already classic audio of “What is soooo” from SpongeBobusers of TikTok They shared clips where the spectacular ones are appreciated.

(Photo: Twitter/AntonioDelgadoD)
(Photo: Twitter/AntonioDelgadoD)

The messages have provoked endless reactions, especially from those who share a name with the recipient of the messages.

“I’m not. I left”, “Specify that Laura, that we walk with the anguish”, “What do you need?”, “Don’t believe her Laura”, “Well, you have to admit that there is a budget to ask for forgiveness”, “Laura is not here, Laura lefteeee”, and “I’m a man, Laura. Do not believe him “, are some of the comments that have emerged.

There are also some people who point out that it could be a advertising campaign attributed to Ecuadorian singer Sea Rendonbecause on October 12 he will launch his theme

According to the capital government there are about a quarter thousand billboards in the Mexican capital. This, according to the government, threatens the urban landscape and poses physical and structural security risks of citizens and buildings, respectively.

Although the authorities have tried for several years and by various means to withdraw and reorder outdoor advertising, it has been a complicated task due to legal gaps in regulations applicable and by a limited number of restrictions to carry out the advertising activity.

Therefore, the CDMX Congress approved on May 31 of a newa Outdoor Advertising Lawwhich has expanded the limitations to carry out the aforementioned activity. Thus, with 21 express prohibitions and as many generic ones.

– Reduce visual pollution.
– Avoid risks in private homes due to the installation of heavy structures.
– End the proliferation of unauthorized ads.
– Prohibit sexist and racist messages, and create a list of companies and advertisers

spectacular cdmx (Photo: Cuartoscuro)
spectacular cdmx (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

To private companies that use any advertising medium, installed in public space or other assets and that is visible from the outside to the public thoroughfare that disseminate propaganda, commercial advertising or various information of general interest, as well as advertisers associated with advertising media .

Failure to comply with the LPECDMX could represent consistent sanctions, among others, in a fine ranging from 12,000 to 15,000 times the Unit of Measurement and Updating (“UMA”) in force, and incommutable administrative arrest of 24 to 36 hours to the holder of a Revocable Temporary Administrative Permit, License or Authorization that fails to comply with the prohibition of installing advertising media whose content violates the dignity of people, violates human rights and those that spread sexist messages, misogynistic language or incite any type of violence.

Similarly, the imposition of a fine of six thousand to 12 thousand times the current UMA and removal from the advertising medium at its expense, to the holder of the License or Authorization who incurs in any of the following infractions: i) Add elements from propaganda to the content of a denominative advertising medium; ii) Adhere advertising media to the glass of a window or shop window, and, iii) Install advertising media not allowed inside a shop window.


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